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Gwyneth Paltrow shares guide to dressing like a boss

Gwyneth Paltrow has taken on the art of power dressing, and while her luxurious picks for what women should wear to the office are certainly very chic — they ... read more

Snoring can be stopped with five-minutes-a-day exercises

Every night, in homes across the country, bedrooms reverberate with the trumpeting, whistling, whining and grunting of the nation’s snorers. It’s a deafenin... read more

Atlanta hospital sued after patient was raped in shower

An Atlanta area psychiatric hospital is being accused of negligence after a teenage sexual assault victim said she was raped in a bathroom by another patient. L... read more

Why virtual reality is the next frontier in pain relief

Virtual reality games might help ease pain not just by distracting players from what ails them, but also by triggering changes in the brain, a recent research r... read more

Squirrel attacks man on New Orleans sidewalk

A squirrel attacked a man while he was on a walk with his 90-year-old mom on September 10 in New Orleans.  A video shows the squirrel slowly approaching the ma... read more

Cincinnati Zoo adopts first gorilla since Harambe

The death of the beloved gorilla Harambe left millions of Americans heartbroken last year, sparking a movement complete with memes and even paraphernalia to hon... read more

Melania Trump visits children at Air Force base

It has been rather a busy few days for President Donald Trump and the First Lady – yet Melania showed no signs of tiredness as she happily joined a group ... read more

Man returns from evacuating Harvey to find his animals

A teacher in Plum Grove, Texas had to make the impossible decision to leave behind most of his animals while escaping Hurricane Harvey. Lester Morrow was able t... read more

Judge: Sessions can’t deny grants for sanctuary cities

 Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a plan to withhold grant money from ‘sanctuary cities’  Criminal justice grants would be withheld from c... read more

Joselu: Hughes didn’t trust me.. that’s why I left Stoke

Joselu smiles as he relives the month of August. The birth of his first child, Leo. Signing for Newcastle United. A debut goal in a 3-0 victory. A standing ovat... read more

California teacher charged with having affair with student

Mary Jahn charged with sexual penetration by foreign object; lewd act upon a child and two counts of oral copulation of a person under 18  Jahn, English teache... read more

How well can seeds survive in space?

Will we someday colonize space? Will our children visit other planets? To achieve goals like these, we’ll need to crack one crucial challenge: how to feed... read more

Idaho hopes to bring stargazers to US dark sky reserve

Idaho hopes to open the first International Dark Sky Reserve in the United States this year, which would require lights-out ordinances in several towns. The res... read more

Ryanair cancels up to EIGHTY flights a day for six weeks

Ryanair is cancelling hundreds of flights over the next six weeks because cabin crew haven’t taken enough days off. The airline suddenly removed 160 sched... read more

Drunken Florida woman arrested for assaulting friend

A 30-year-old woman was arrested on battery charges on Thursday Rebecca Lynn Phelps started to beat up her male companion after he refused to have sex with her... read more

North Dakota teacher allegedly got drunk with students

Elizabeth Doster, 40, resigned from her job teaching high school English in West Fargo, North Dakota on August 29 A teacher has resigned amid allegations that s... read more

Lord Snowdon’s £3.2m will leaves NOTHING to lovechild

In 2004 Miss Fry (right) persuaded Lord Snowdon (left) to take a DNA test after persistent rumours that he – not his friend Jeremy Fry who had brought Polly u... read more

Rosie O’Donnell’s ex-wife Michelle Rounds commits suicide

Rosie O’Donell’s ex-wife has committed suicide according to TMZ. Michelle Rounds was found deceased in her home after she reportedly took her own li... read more

The one mum-to-be who just can’t wait to hear her baby cry

Fierce optimism: Joanne with fiance Steve White  Joanne Milne had never heard a baby’s giggle until she reached the age of 40 — and when she did she was to... read more

Pedophile, 68, accused of raping girl, 11, at a HOSPITAL

Dave Saffeels, 68, is accused of raping the 11-year-old girl three times last month A convicted pedophile accused of raping an 11-year-old girl at a hospital to... read more

Quantum math could solve NYC’s subway problem

New York City’s delay-plagued subway system has become so disastrous in the summer of 2017 that the governor declared an official ‘state of emergenc... read more

Acton Town Tube station closed amid reports of knifeman

Officers stopped man carrying the large weapon at London’s Acton Town station It comes just hours after today’s bucket bomb terror attack in Parsons... read more

Amazon now authorized to host DoD’s most sensitive data

Amazon Web Services has been granted provisional authorization to host Level 5 data for the US Department of Defense (DoD). With the approval, the tech giant... read more

Portugal returns to investment grade after 5-1/2 years

By Reuters Published: 21:50 BST, 15 September 2017 | Updated: 21:50 BST, 15 September 2017 By Andrei Khalip LISBON, Sept 15 (Reuters) – Standard &... read more