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Two Brits held ‘hostage and robbed’ in Airbnb in Marbella

Two young women claim they had the holiday from hell when they were ‘held hostage and robbed’ at an Airbnb apartment in Marbella.  When friends Ra... read more

Pictures reveal underground part of Steve Jobs Theater

New photos shared online show the underground portion of Apple’s new 1,000-seat Steve Jobs Theater for the first time. While the upper part has been seen ... read more

Missing boy’s mother and boyfriend arrested in Kansas

Evan Brewer who vanished from the house in Wichita in Kansas The mother of a missing three-year-old boy and her boyfriend have been arrested as police found a c... read more

Obama lashes out at Trump for ending DACA program

Former President Barack Obama lashed out at President Donald Trump’s decision to rescind his DACA executive action, labeling the move as ‘cruel̵... read more

Woman finds husband crushed to death by truck

Michael Queen, 50, was crushed to death on Monday when the truck he had been working on fell on top of him in North Carolina Queen’s wife came home and fo... read more

Police ‘terrified’ by prankster who tied balloon to sewer

The police department of a rural Pennsylvania town is very afraid. Drawing inspiration from the upcoming Stephen King horror flick It, an unidentified ‘pranks... read more

MO mom donates 8 gallons of breast milk to Harvey victims

A mother in Missouri has helped out potentially hundreds of Texas children by donating 65 pints of breast milk to Hurricane Harvey’s survivors. Danielle P... read more

Britain calls for new sanctions on North Korea

In a phone call with US President Donald Trump today, Prime Minister Theresa May stressed the importance of the UN Security Council quickly agreeing new measure... read more

Rescue crews rush to free trapped tourists in tower

Thirteen people were trapped inside the carriage of the Jurassix Skyline tower  The popular tourist attraction in Weymouth malfunctioned before 4pm today Work ... read more

Chinese villagers parade a dog during annual celebration 

Villagers in China’s southwest gathered over the weekend for an annual festival which saw revelers dress a dog up in human clothes, parade it through the ... read more

Man drowns in stormy Tennessee lake after saving fiancee

A man has died trying to save his fiancee from drowning after a storm hit the Tennessee lake they were swimming in. Amanda Quartz said her fiance Andrew Ehrman,... read more

Leigh-Anne Pinnock sizzles in a skimpy bralet

She’s been showing off her sensational figure in an array of sexy swimwear on her Miami getaway. And Leigh-Anne Pinnock continued her sultry streak as she... read more

Trump says TOMORROW who gets $1 million in Harvey funds

A pair of Oscar winners, Sandra Bullock and Leonardo DiCaprio, are leading the way in stars’ donations to relief efforts for those affected by Hurricane H... read more

Taiwanese cat refuses to let the refrigerator door close 

A territorial cat named Lele in Linkou District, Taiwan, rules the kitchen from atop the fridge As Lele’s owner tries to close the refrigerator door the c... read more

Denver students marched out of classes in protest of DACA

Hundreds of high school students in Denver walked out of classes on Tuesday morning to protest against the Trump administration’s announcement that it wil... read more

Hurricane Irma causes vacation headaches

Cruise ships were forced to re-route and hundreds of flights were cancelled on Tuesday as Hurricane Irma strengthened into a Category 5 storm on Tuesday –... read more

Boston honors man who inspired ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The man who inspired the ice bucket challenge that has raised millions for ALS research is being honored at Boston City Hall. Boston Mayor Martin Walsh is hosti... read more

White kids are often prescribed antibiotics unnecessarily

White children have a far higher risk of becoming resistant to essential antibiotics than others because they are prescribed unnecessary medication at twice the... read more

Dogs can recognize themselves by smelling their urine

A new study has confirmed what most dog owners knew anyway – their canine friends do have self-awareness.  Humans, great apes, an Asian elephant, some do... read more

Real life EXORCISMS performed by Sicilian priest

An 80-year-old priest in Sicily has become the region’s most in-demand exorcist by ‘freeing’ people from possession in group purging sessions ... read more

White Collar Factory unveils London rooftop running track

Many bosses wonder how to motivate staff to go the extra mile and this building in London might have finally found the answer. A new development in Old Street h... read more

Kirsty Gallacher to keep Sky Sports job amid driving ban

Kirsty Gallacher will not be sacked by Sky Sports after her drink driving shame and two-year ban from the roads, it emerged today. The mother-of-two had consume... read more

Jeremy Clarkson sparks fury with his ‘Chipping Norton set’

Jeremy Clarkson has sparked an angry backlash among his neighbours over plans to film The Grand Tour in the Cotswold countryside. Locals fear the narrow country... read more

After reopening little Los Angeles railroad stops again

Four days after its splashy reopening, the Angels Flight railway in downtown Los Angeles has shut down again. A notice on its website Monday said the funicular ... read more