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J’Ouvert Festival kicks off amid heavy security

The J’Ouvert Festival kicked off this morning under heavy security after four people were shot overnight in Brooklyn.  Tens of thousands of costumed, pai... read more

Former star quarterback Tim Tebow struggles in minors

Tim Tebow’s first full minor-league baseball season is in the books, but the former Heisman Trophy winner and University of Florida quarterback isn’... read more

Do-little Congress will vote soon on Harvey relief money

Congress will return from a five-week vacation on Tuesday, and sending billions of dollars to hurricane-ravaged parts of Texas and Louisiana will be the first o... read more

Moped thugs threatened baby with knife in Chelsea

Moped thugs threatened a 10-month-old baby with a huge knife before stealing her terrified parents’ watches in a shocking attack in broad daylight. Mother... read more

Conor McGregor lets his hair down in Ibiza

Conor McGregor has been letting his hair down at a wild party for his childhood friend’s wedding in Ibiza just a week after earning £100million in a figh... read more

Tucson mother poses with menstrual blood through her pants

A photographer is making a powerful point to normalize menstrual blood. Jade Beall, a mother based in Tucson, Arizona, took to Instagram earlier this year to sh... read more

Britain’s ugliest buildings shortlist revealed

A garish Lego brick style house, a tower block nicknamed The Fag Butt and an uninspiring train station are competing for the title of Britain’s worst-look... read more

Mum almost feeds Tesco banana with spider eggs to baby

A mother was horrified when she found a nest of spider eggs on a banana she was serving to her baby. Debbie Campbell, from Milton in Cambridge, spotted a clump ... read more

‘Insta-mums’ are slammed by ordinary mothers on Mumsnet

With photographs that could have been lifted straight from the pages of a magazine, Insta-mums offer a very glamorous picture of what motherhood is like. But no... read more

Husband ‘couldn’t believe there was no cure’ to dementia

The father of former ski instructor Becky Barletta who was diagnosed with a rare form of dementia at the age of 31 has said her husband shed ‘so many tear... read more

Airline passenger arrested on flight for shoving hostess

David Clyne Dutson of Tucson was arrested after shoving an airline hostess  The 58-year-old man refused to fasten seat belt at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport Polic... read more

Snapchat video of boy kicking little girls to the ground

A young boy is seen taking down two little girls in separate occasions First he kicks a girls feet from underneath her and forces her to the concrete In another... read more

Chinese boy is tied to well by grandfather for 10 years

Yang Jie, 17, was found to have brain disease and tended to run away from home His grandfather tied him up to a well for over 10 years, living with chickens Yan... read more

Fugitive Italian ‘cocaine king’ is arrested in Uruguay

One of Italy’s most wanted mob bosses was arrested in Uruguay on Monday after 23 years on the run from convictions for mafia association, drug trafficking... read more

South African giraffe sports unusual fuzzy zigzag pattern 

A giraffe with an eye-catching fuzzy zigag pattern was the stand out visitor to a small waterhole. Bobby-Jo Clow, 34, who runs a safari company, captured the un... read more

School-run mothers throw vicious car park brawl in China

This is the shocking moment two mothers fight with each other over parking issues on September 2 in southern China.  A girl can be seen desperately trying to s... read more

Idaho rocked by nearly 80 earthquakes in the past two days

Southeastern Idaho has been hit by nearly 80 earthquakes since Saturday, by far the largest earthquake swarm the area has seen in recent memory, according to lo... read more

Nicaragua is fighting to save its endangered tapirs

Thirteen tapirs lounge in the bushes of Ticuantepe Zoo, in eastern Nicaragua, their bellies plump with leaves and fruit—blissfully unaware of the peril faced ... read more

The untold story of the real Band of Brothers

The story of an unsung unit of Second Word War soldiers who stood alongside the famous ‘Band of Brothers’ as they fought to the last man to repel Hi... read more

Chinese woman gives birth on the street standing

The incident took place in Yunfu, China’s Guangdong province on September 2 Footage shows the woman suddenly giving birth on the street while standing As ... read more

Sydney professor slammed as ’embarrassment to academia’

A senior lecturer at the University of Sydney has faced major backlash since returning from a ‘solidarity visit’ to North Korea in August. Tim Ander... read more

Vintage trailer court in Arizona takes tourists back

Visitors arriving at the neon-illuminated office of the Shady Dell trailer court enter a kind of time warp and are transported back to the 1950s, when big Stude... read more

Massive alligator blocks family’s path as they hiked in FL

Massive alligator blocked a family’s path as they were hiking in Floriday Sunday  Video shows large reptile casually walking out of the brush before flop... read more

T55 phones used in Parliament House may spy for China

Chinese-made Telstra Tough T55 mobile phone on sale in secure ParlICT portal Manufacturer ZTE has links to Chinese Government and may be spying Parliament Hous... read more