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Channel 5’s In Solitary experiment locks woman in cabin

A woman who was challenged to spend five days in solitary confinement began hallucinating after enduring 72 hours alone. Sarah Doherty, 36,  a single mum, was ... read more

Sabrina Rogers-Anderson’s best bogan baby names for 2017

It’s a hard row to hoe for parents these days coming up with a name that encapsulates the spirit of their new-born in a unique and different way.  And al... read more

Derby mother shares photos of domestic violence injuries

A brave mother-of-two decided to share photos of her horrific injuries at the hands of a former boyfriend to inspire other domestic violence victims to come for... read more

Footage shows US soldier testing ‘first flying platform’

Footage shows the 1950’s pilot of the direct-lift rotor aircraft Hiller VZ-1 Pawnee perched on the platform while calmly navigating it in circular motions... read more

Toddler dangles from metal bars three-storeys high

The child was seen dangling from bars three-storeys high in China Neighbours below can be heard panicking as they try to hold out blankets According to reports,... read more

Dogs left to die on hottest August Bank Holiday in the UK

Three dogs were left to ‘bake alive’ for four hours in a cage while covered in blankets and cushions on the hottest August Bank Holiday on record. T... read more

Guilty-looking Texas dog hides after destroying mattress

Even if you haven’t committed the crime, it isn’t always easy to look innocent.  When pet owner Jennifer Kinderman, 23, from Canutillo, Texas, retu... read more

Glitter tongues can give you stomach ache and constipation

A leading gynecologisr has spoken out against the bizarre trend for women to glitter bomb their vagina. It comes after online retailer Pretty Woman Inc revealed... read more

Chinese sex toy magnate buys licence plate in record deal

A Chinese billionaire has broken the record for the sale price of a licence plate Sex toy magnate Peter Tseng forked out $2.45m on No.4 plate at Sydney auction ... read more

Catholic schools defy Church’s stance on gay marriage

Australia’s most prestigious Catholic schools have defied the Catholic Church’s stance on same-sex marriage. St Ignatius’ College in Sydney an... read more

Viewers baffled by video of pregnant boa giving birth

A video of a sand boa giving birth was posted on the Reptile Collective Facebook But many viewers were left confused, as they thought that snakes only lay eggs ... read more

4 men jump out of plane in bobsleigh formation in Canada

The footage was taken by 31-year-old Eugene Gretskyi in Alberta, Canada He was joined by pals Terence Lee Dickinson, Evan Rader and Riley Moore  They were abl... read more

Recipe: White Wine and Mango Mousse

Recipe: White Wine and Mango Mousse   By Daily Mail Updated: 11:25 BST, 29 August 2017   Recipe: White Wine and Mango Mousse  Perfect for a special occasion,... read more

London cyclist killed in Holloway car crash

Van driver arrested after fatal crash with male cyclist in Holloway, north London  Man suffered critical injuries and despite paramedics best efforts, died at ... read more

‘Creepy’ Facebook feature reconnects long lost relatives

Being reconnected with a long lost relative might seem like an occasion for celebration, but for one Facebook user it has led to some unsettling questions. The ... read more

GoT viewers flood Twitter with hilarious reaction

Viewers were left on knife’s edge after the Night King finally made his move to wipe out the people of Westeros and Jon Snow’s parentage was finally... read more

Queensland’s racist place names wiped from the map

Ten appallingly racist place names in Queensland set to be wiped from the map Concerns raised about N****rs Bounce, around 250km south-west of Townsville Natur... read more

Conservatives demand Christmas carols stay in schools

Australian Conservatives MP Dennis Hood fights plans for Christmas carols ban South Australia’s Department of Education wants to bar them from classrooms ... read more

Father of Elijah Doughty charged with assault court guards

Racial tensions are close to boiling over in Kalgoorlie, West Australia, after the father of dead Aboriginal teen, Elijah Doughty, is arrested on the eve of the... read more

Georgia Fowler flaunts her toned abs around New York City

She will be walking the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway for the second time, it was confirmed this month. And on Tuesday, New Zealand-born model Geo... read more

Gold Coast man arrested ‘after robbing poker machines’

Man arrested following alleged eight-year crime spree stealing from pokies  The 53-year-old was arrested at a Gold Coast home on Tuesday Allegedly he stole ... read more

Boy drowns in a Devon holiday park swimming pool

A four-year-old boy drowned in a swimming pool as a holiday with his family and a narcotics anonymous group went ‘horrifically wrong’.  It is under... read more

Tick bite put a fitness instructor in a wheelchair 

Only four years ago, superfit Lorraine Murray had completed four Olympic-length triathlons, ran her own businesses and was raising two children. But the ex-Army... read more

NSW cow with ‘fifth leg’ sells for nearly $700 at sale

A cow with a fifth leg protruding from its back has been sold for $672 at a New South Wales sale yard.  The 560kg animal, which yielded $1.20 per kilogram, was... read more