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Ohio set to execute man convicted of back-to-back killings

A man convicted of killing two people in back-to-back robberies in 1992 was put to death in Ohio Wednesday morning.  Gary Otte was killed using a combination o... read more

Pictured: Palm Beach’s deserted celeb homes after Irma

The gated estates of Palm Beach are usually pristine, thanks to the landscapers and gardeners hired by the area’s celebrity homeowners. But in the wake of... read more

Bored Panda photos of people’s historical doppelgangers

To be described as an oil painting is considered a compliment, therefore these lucky art fans must be feeling rather chuffed. In a series of astonishing images ... read more

AP interview: Ryan won’t say tax cut won’t raise deficit

By Associated Press Published: 16:08 BST, 13 September 2017 | Updated: 16:08 BST, 13 September 2017 WASHINGTON (AP) – House Speaker Paul Ryan is declining... read more

Downhill roller carters race each other for fun in Brazil

This group of daredevils get together to ride huge homemade roller carts downhill at breakneck speeds – just for fun. Filmed last month in Divinopolis, Brazil... read more

Fewer Americans are watching traditional TV than ever

Americans are abandoning traditional television in favor of free and online shows at a much faster rate than expected, new research reveals.  People are cuttin... read more

Scrounger dubbed ‘big-legged beggar’ BANNED from Thailand

A German man dubbed ‘the big-legged beggar’ because he used his deformed limb to get sympathy and cash to fund partying in Thailand has been banned ... read more

Ancient Greeks built cities over earthquake fault lines

The ancient Greeks may have built sacred temples on sites previously hit by earthquakes as they believed the land held spiritual powers. New research has found ... read more

Eddie Murphy’s partner Paige Butcher is sexy in a tank top

Paige Butcher welcomed Eddie Murphy’s ninth child, Izzy Oona, a year ago. And clearly the 38-year-old blonde beauty’s body has bounced back fantasti... read more

Lion is left looking permanently surprised after battle

A lion at country park Masai Mara in Kenya lost his eyelid in a territorial battle with his brothers in 2012  He has been nicknamed Scar by the locals after D... read more

Boy in child porn suicide case had audio of consensual sex

This undated photo provided by the Walgren family shows 16-year-old Corey Walgren, who committed suicide on January 11 after being confronted about a sex video... read more

Celine Tam and Angelica Hale stun on AGT

Two young singers once again blew America’s Got Talent’s judges and audience on Tuesday night. Angelica Hale, 10, and Celine Tam, nine, both compete... read more

School being sued for sacking teacher hit by scandal

Werner Nel has taken Brockhurst and Marlston School in Berkshire to an employment tribunal after his superiors found a group of young girls in Year 2 had looke... read more

Stanford swimmer’s mugshot used to define rape in textbook

He escaped a lengthy prison sentence for sexually assault, serving just three months behind bars for attacking an unconscious college girl behind a dumpster in ... read more

Former Fox commentator Mercedes Schlapp joins team Trump

President Donald Trump has hired Mercedes Schlapp, a longtime conservative commentator who he praised on the campaign trail, to his communications team. Schlapp... read more

Scary sea creature washes up on a Texas beach after Harvey

Hurricane Harvey didn’t just displace people, it displaced sea creatures too.  Last week, Preeti Desai of the National Audobon Society took to Twitter fo... read more

Harry Potter actress’s daughter thinks ‘she’s in France’

The daughter of an actress set to star in a West End play has spent four years waking up every morning believing she is in France. In 2013 Tansy Smethurst, 13, ... read more

Sophie Monk feels like Cinderella in Bachelorette preview

She’s set to light up TV screens as the first celebrity Bachelorette. And Sophie Monk feels just like Cinderalla as she meets a slew of suitors all vying ... read more

Mom to change GA Tech dorm policy after son almost dies

A 20-year-old student was left in a life-threatening coma after falling from his 7-foot-high loft bed at an Atlanta university in January 2015. Clark Jacobs fr... read more

Bikers and truck drivers brawl on country road in Oklahoma

An insane brawl between motorcyclists and people in pick up trucks in the middle of a road near Oklahoma City was caught on camera. The video shows a biker figh... read more

1,200 at funeral of Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor

Senior clergy joined politicians and mourners today for the funeral of the former Archbishop of Westminster Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor. The cardinal,... read more

More than 10,000 evacuated across Moscow after bomb threat

Thousands evacuated from Moscow public places after bomb threats More than 10,000 told to leave shopping centres, train stations and universities By Sara Malm ... read more

`Enormous´ sales predicted for iPhone X – despite the £1,000 price tag

By Press Association Published: 09:05 BST, 13 September 2017 | Updated: 15:25 BST, 13 September 2017 Apple’s new iPhone X is the “future of smartphone desig... read more

Fancy dress site selling bomber outfit for Halloween

Fancy dress companies are selling Taliban ‘terrorists’ Halloween costumes on eBay which come with a fake bomb. The tasteless costume comes with a da... read more