Rex Ryan slams Broncos’ defense as the worst he’s EVER seen after woeful 70-20 defeat to the Dolphins… as Ryan Clark says Sean Payton’s team is getting WORSE after 0-3 start

  • Denver gave up 726 yards of offense to Miami, the most in NFL history
  • ESPN laid into Sean Payton and the Broncos defense, as they fall to 0-3 
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An embarrassing loss to the Miami Dolphins has Denver Broncos head coach Sean Payton reeling and heading back to the drawing board – with pundits jumping on their necks in the aftermath.

In one of the most lopsided defeats in NFL history, the Dolphins put up the most yards in a single game ever as they won 70-20.

Rex Ryan, a former NFL head coach and defensive coordinator, bemoaned the effort put up by Denver on ESPN’s ‘Get Up’.

‘That’s the worst defense – I’ve only been on the planet for 60 years, never seen anything that bad,’ Ryan told the desk.

His sentiment was shared by former Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Ryan Clark – who criticized Payton for his lack of preparedness for the start of the season. 

Sean Payton was getting roasted on ESPN after his team’s awful performance vs. Miami

Ex-NFL head coach and defensive coordinator Rex Ryan called it the 'worst defense' he's seen

Ex-NFL head coach and defensive coordinator Rex Ryan called it the ‘worst defense’ he’s seen

Retired cornerback Ryan Clark says that the Broncos defense is 'getting worse' each week

Retired cornerback Ryan Clark says that the Broncos defense is ‘getting worse’ each week

‘When you watch this defense, it goes to institutional control,’ Clark explained. ‘Which is the head coach’s job, right? 

‘Let’s not worry about how many babies Russell Wilson kisses. Let’s not worry about his public persona… Let’s not worry about (Payton) being the (former) FOX analyst and coming back out and talking about what (ex-Broncos coach) Nathaniel Hackett did. 

‘I said it at that time. Talk about what we’re going to do, talk about how we are going to get better. And we, for a head coach, is offense. It’s special teams. It’s defense. Sean Payton was worried about all of the wrong things in the offseason. 

‘And we gave him a pass because he’d won a Super Bowl. We gave him pass because we felt like he was a good coach and had proven everything he needed to prove during his tenure in New Orleans. They’re getting worse.’

That ‘FOX analyst’ point stemmed from criticism that Payton levied at Hackett before the season began.

Payton essentially blamed all of the issues the Broncos had last season on the poor coaching of Hackett, who is now the offensive coordinator at the New York Jets.

After receiving backlash for his comments, Payton slightly walked them back, saying that he ‘still had my FOX hat on’ – referring to his job before he agreed to coach in Denver.