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Fireplaces are one of the coziest places your home has to offer! During this time of the year, you should give it some attention – that way you can warm up and relax safely.

Aesthetically, you can choose from two design options. A brick-and-mortar fireplace gives your home a rustic and easily recognizable look. Stone fireplaces expand upon the traditional design of the hearth by offering smooth, rough, stacked, or fitted masonry. You can even go for tiles and work on a more monochromatic style overall!

However, there is far more to taking care of a fireplace than keeping up to date on design. The following tips we have for you will take your fireplace to a whole other level. Best of all? Each of these tips can be applied to any kind of fireplace design and material!

First and foremost, always take care of your fireplace. We recommend making sure that the wood that you are going to burn is 100% dry. If you don’t let your wood dry out, it can create excessive smoke, as well as soot and creosote buildup – all of which can create a fire hazard. You can also go and buy perfectly split wood, which is always ready for use, or you can do split the wood yourself!

When it comes to the latter option, you need to do this well in advance of the colder seasons. This is because you need to store recently split wood for a minimum of 6 months before its ready for burning. You can choose to split hard or soft wood, provided they are split into a size that will fit your stove. Stack them in an outdoor shed for long-term storage, as well as in a safe indoor area for imminent use.

Designing your fireplace begins with the mantelpiece. If you’re looking for something classic, the Vintage Design is what we have in mind. What we love the most about the Vintage Design is that it is easy to install and to decorate, plus it is quite durable! All you have to do is find some wooden decorations to place at the top of the mantel, and accentuate the general look of the room by decorating it with more modern furnishings.

Our second favorite option is the Grey Fireplace Mantel. The grey color transmits the feeling of coziness and attractiveness, while simultaneously shifting all the attention towards the room. If you’re really going to go in-depth with the look, you can play with the interior lighting to achieve different moods at any time! For example, a dim lighting setup throughout the rest of the room can make the hearth feel more inviting after a long day.

And for getting really comfy in front of your fireplace, you should try out one of those fabulous Catnapper recliners.

There are countless ideas when it comes to designing your own fireplace, let us know which one you decide to try out and what results you achieved!