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What are the pros and cons of the DHI method of hair transplantation?

The DHI is the direct hair implantation method that was developed from the FUE technique. The procedure uses an instrument called a Choi implanter, which is sometimes called a Choi pen.  The results will not be good if you have an uncertified individual performing the DHI, and therefore it is very important to check that the person who will do the procedure is in fact certified.

The method does need a highly skilled physician and it is considered to be more difficult to do but the results are usually very good. There are a variety of sizes of the needles available for the pen. These vary in size from 0.40 up to 2.0 mm. Once the hair follicles are extracted they are loaded into the pen and implanted immediately into the scalp.

Advantages of the DHI

The DHI is very similar to the FUE procedure but it does have some advantages over the FUE. When done correctly there will be less trauma and damage done to the tissues of the scalp, and much less bleeding will occur. This is a big advantage over procedures such as the FUT where scars often result because strips of tissue are cut out.

Another benefit is that it does allow grafts to be placed more densely providing for a thicker look to the hair.There are also advantages to using the Choi implanter, because it enables the doctor to control the depth at which each hair follicle is implanted. The angle is also controlled by using the pen and thus the DHI can result in a very good natural-looking hairline if done properly.

The DHI does save time over the FUT and the traditional FUE since the channel incisions and implantation occur at the same time.

Disadvantages of the DHI

There are some drawbacks to the DHI procedure. For one thing, it requires very specialized training and skill. The hair needs to be transplanted with very great care and it often takes a couple of people to perform the work with each person focused on one particular stage.

The cost of the DHI may also be higher compared with the FUT and FUE. This is because the Choi pen has to be used and highly skilled professionals are needed. It may be difficult to find a clinic that performs the procedure or that has the experience and can show a good portfolio of work. This is because the DHI is a newer procedure and thus there are likely fewer people who have been trained and certified in this technique.

The DHI procedure, in general, is more challenging to perform and hair follicles are more easily damaged unless the specialist is very careful while doing the procedure. This emphasizes once more the importance of having a certified and experienced professional performing the DHI.

If you are unsure if the DHI is the best choice for you then you should consult with a specialist and visit us here to find out more about the DHI and other hair transplant options.

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