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What is Edgar sec?

EDGAR is an abbreviation calling the digital product. The U.S. Securities in collaboration with the Exchange Commission (SEC) initiated the setting up of this system. It acts as an autonomic structure of the United States federal government.

But what does EDGAR mean?

The meaning of EDGAR implies a special technical system of Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval. The instrument is used by public traded companies for submitting the necessary documentation to the SEC.

The sense of it is clear but what does EDGAR stand for?

The primary goal of is to diminish the time commonly taken for sending decent paperwork and making them publicly available.

Such a quick revolving of data is important for keeping the business environment transparency.

Understanding Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval

The crucial facts the investors or analysts are interested in can be found in various accounts. Any kind of financial statements, data regarding holdings of institutional investors, and some other forms. They actually are filed with the SEC via the EDGAR system.

Yet, some corporates are free from such data submission in case their financial indicators fall down the lower limits.

Problems With EDGAR

There are some difficulties with reading the filing conducted via EDGAR. Because of their being cut down comparatively to annual accounts for shareholders.

The filling comprises the whole scope of the necessary info, but some peculiars and details are difficult to be detected in the vast file. At the same time, the info is ordered identically in the files of the same format and type for all the corporations.

E.g. if one needs to get info concerning corporates’ changes in its accounting algorithms, the correspondent data is available in Part II, Item 9, in the annual account (or 10-K).

Using the EDGAR Database

The majority of filings made via EDGAR are free for scrutinizing and downloading.

You can try the corporate ticker symbol to search for the required data in the EDGAR database.

EDGAR’s Companies & Other Filers Search will provide a searcher with the required information. It shows the latest files first.

Documents That Can Be Accessed From EDGAR

Dealing with EDGAR you get access to different docs. Among them are quarterly/annual corporates’ accounts and financial statements.

Form 10-k, the annual reports. Such reports comprise the history of a corporation, financial statements that have passed the audition, representation of products and services, annual review of a corporation, a list of conducted operations, and the company’s markets.

Form 10-Q, the quarterly accounts. They contain unaudited financial statements and all the operations in the previous three months respectfully.

Here is a list of other reports which are commonly researched

  • Registration Statements – they are required before selling the shares to the public
  • Form 8-K – informs regarding bankruptcy or other significant events
  • Form 3 and 4 – stores the info regarding possessing
  • Form 5 – contains info concerning the transactions not mentioned in Form 4

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