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Tanya Burr styles scarlet kimono over Bowie T-shirt in LA

She is excited to land her first movie role in Los Angeles after making her name as a fashion and beauty vlogger. And Tanya Burr showed she was every inch the s... read more

Charlie Puth purchases $9million mansion in Beverly Hills

Charlie Puth rose up from a YouTube star to chart-topping recording artist. And now the See You Again hitmaker is ready to settle down in Beverly Hills, and is ... read more

NASA fires up Voyager thrusters dormant for 37 years

Not only is Voyager 1 the only human-made object in interstellar space, it’s also astonishingly reliable, NASA has revealed. After 37 years, engineers thi... read more

Woman with PCOS grows out her beard for the first time

A woman who has spent 14 years shaving her face daily in order to control the growth of hair that is the result of her poly-cystic ovarian syndrome has bravely ... read more

Is Google Translate sexist? | Daily Mail Online

Several users have taken to Twitter to complain about Google’s sexist translations in its Translate tool. When translating phrases from gender-neutral lan... read more

Singer’s teenage gang of moped robbers jailed for 13 years

Sitey Mairuf was jailed for two and a half years after being part of a gang that attacked commuters in South London A gang of knife-wielding moped robbers led b... read more

Jack Maynard admits shame over messages to 14-year-old

He crept back to the UK following his removal from the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! jungle last week. And Jack Maynard has continued to grov... read more

NASA finds underground liquid oceans last longer

Oceans trapped beneath the icy surface of distant worlds at the edge of our solar system may be able to sustain liquid water for far longer than previously susp... read more

What AI analysis of Google Street View images reveals

The car you drive really does reveal your politics, researchers have found. Researchers at Stanford used AI to analyse 50 million images in 200 cities across ... read more

Datally app for Android lets users limit data usage

Google has launched a new app to help solve one of the biggest and most irritating problems for smartphone users – running out of data. Datally lets Andro... read more

YouTube rips off Snapchat’s Stories with new Reels feature

It’s already been copied by Facebook and Instagram, and now it seems that even YouTube is ripping off Snapchat’s Stories feature. The website has un... read more

Google is sued for privacy breaches over iPhone ‘breach’

Google is being sued on behalf of millions of Britons over privacy breaches after secretly accessing their iPhone browsing history Google is being sued on behal... read more

Waze app adds new hands free mode

Users can ask app to take them to a destination or report roadworks and delays  Waze has also added support for carpool lanes for the first time  By Mark Prig... read more

Android inventor Andy Rubin takes a leave of absence

Android’s co-founder, Andy Rubin, has taken a leave of absence ‘for personal reasons’ shortly after it was claimed he had an ‘inappropri... read more

Mystery of the giant ‘honeycombs’ on Mars

Speckling the surface of one of Mars’ oldest impact basins, NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has spotted a sprawling expanse of ‘honeycomb’ landforms,... read more

Technology firms are an ‘existential threat to humanity’

Technology firms have such an influence on people that they should be viewed as an ‘existential threat to humanity’, according to an ex-Google produ... read more

Nasa confirms asteroid will pass Earth on December 16

Nasa has confirmed that an enormous asteroid will brush past Earth on December 16. The asteroid, called 3200 Phaethon, measures three miles (five kilometres) in... read more

Alli Simpson poses up a storm at Pitch Perfect 3 premiere

By Daily Mail Australia Reporter Published: 10:27 GMT, 29 November 2017 | Updated: 12:02 GMT, 29 November 2017 She parlayed being Cody Simpson’s little si... read more

Fans of YouTube’s Alissa Violet attack Cleveland bar

Dedicated fans of two YouTubers who claim that they were physically assaulted at a Cleveland bar have launched a brutal hate campaign against the establishment.... read more

Nats Getty and Gigi Gorgeous did not have surrogate baby

The internet was set aflame on Sunday after Nats Getty and transgender girlfriend Gigi Gorgeous playfully posted a snap with a baby and thanked a surrogate. How... read more

Terrifying truth about what your child watches on YouTube

Gone are the days when children’s TV consisted of safe, age-appropriate programming such as Playschool or The Magic Roundabout. These days, if you see a youn... read more

Google app warns you when someone is reading your screen

We’ve all snuck a glance at a stranger’s phone on the subway – but a new app could out you as a ‘shoulder surfer’. Google research... read more

‘Hallucination machine’ gives drug-free psychedelic trip

A ‘hallucination machine’ that sends your brain on a psychedelic trip without the need for drugs has been developed by scientists. Using Google Arti... read more

Woman lets strangers squeeze her breasts for world peace 

Young woman – known as Pepsi Lu – allowed passersby to squeeze her breasts  She was standing outside a busy Tokyo station with a sign reading ̵... read more