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Taylor Swift is launching her own social media platform

Look what you made her do. Taylor Swift revealed on Tuesday that she is launching her own social media platform called The Swift Life. A 30-second promotional v... read more

Nasa’s stocks of Plutonium-238 power source running out

Nasa could be out of fuel for its long range missions within eight years, a US government report has warned. The space agency’s mission-ready supplies of... read more

Home Mini smart speaker flaw could let Google spy on you

Privacy is a growing concern in an increasingly connected world and a design flaw with Google’s latest smart speaker may ring alarm bells for some. The Ho... read more

Jake Paul sued after prank allegedly causes hearing damage

Jake Paul has been sued for allegedly causing hearing damage with a YouTube prank. The 20-year-old Cleveland native was sued by a man subjected to a loud car ho... read more

NASA image reveals possible area where Mars sand is formed

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has spotted a potential sand-producing region that could be feeding the red planet’s stunning expanse of dunes. In a brea... read more

Monica Lewinsky releases anti-bullying PSA

Monica Lewinsky wants people to think long and hard about the fact that cruel, racist, and bigoted comments are so commonplace on the internet when they’r... read more

Russians stoked race on Facebook and put ads on YouTube

Technology giants are coming under heightened scrutiny for their firms’ unwitting proliferation of Kremlin-linked propaganda during the 2016 campaign. Goo... read more

NASA astronauts go spacewalking to grease robotic arm

NASA astronauts took another spacewalk outside the International Space Station on Tuesday, this time to grease the robot arm’s new hand. Commander Randy B... read more

Asteroid will come ‘damn close’ to Earth on 12 October

An asteroid estimated to be up to 100 feet wide is set for a close shave with Earth this week, when it will soar past at a distance of just 27,000 miles above t... read more

Youtuber Ally Law runs around a swimming centre at night

A shocking video has been released showing an Internet prankster running around a swimming centre after closing hours after hiding in a flume with his friends.... read more

YouTuber transforms into Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman

An expert cosplayer has transformed herself into Wonder Woman, and people can’t get over how much she looks like the superhero.  Alyson Tabbitha, a YouTu... read more

Ralph Macchio and William Zabka film The Karate Kid reboot

Ralph Macchio and William Zabka were spotted Sunday filming scenes for The Karate Kid reboot in Atlanta. The actors were reprising their roles as Daniel LaRusso... read more

NASA’s Juno spacecraft sends back new image of Jupiter

NASA’s Juno spacecraft has captured a stunning new look at Jupiter and two of its largest moons. Jupiter is known to have dozens of moons orbiting in its vici... read more

Did ancient oceans on Mars play host to alien life?

An astonishing discovery on the surface of Mars suggests life may have once flourished at the bottom of a vast sea on the now barren planet. Experts examined im... read more

Sir Elton John leaves Sydney with fancy tapestry bag

He recently weighed in on Australia’s same-sex marriage debate after completing a tour of regional cities. But Sir Elton John was sure to make one more cl... read more

Tories fail to post May’s conference speech on YouTube

Speeches from the rest of the Cabinet are available to view on the YouTube page But May’s 65-minute keynote address has not been uploaded by the party  I... read more

YouTube removes sex-and-drugs video from Colombian company

A wildly erotic advertisement for a Colombian sex tourism company has been removed from YouTube. And the account for Good Girls Company, which claims to be an &... read more

Best Illusion of the Year Contest reveals 2017 winner

An international panel of judges has revealed this year’s most mind-boggling illusions from around the world. From the viral Skye Blue Café Wall illusion to ... read more

Barcelona terror victim’s daughters sue tech giants

The family of a California man killed in the terror attack in Barcelona is suing Facebook, Twitter and Google for their part in ‘aiding, abetting and kno... read more

Nasa study reveals the moon once had at atmosphere

Over three billion years ago, the moon experienced a period of intense volcanic activity, pumping out massive amounts of gas as lava seas filled its impact basi... read more

YouTuber Logan Paul reveals he ‘lost 15% of testicle’

YouTube star Logan Paul shares his life with millions of subscribers every day. But the viral video maker, 22, offered up a little too much information when he ... read more

Nasa reveals infrared look at Mars’s Phobos moon

NASA’s Mars Odyssey orbiter has captured its first images of the ‘Death Star’ moon Phobos – a region that could one day host a human-mission outpost. Us... read more

YouTube video shows how to make exploding Jack-O-Lantern

A YouTube tutorial by Viva Frei in Montreal, Canada, shows the steps for creating an over-the-top Jack-O-Lantern using butane gas and a flame Frei starts by cut... read more

NASA spacewalkers install new hand on station’s robot arm

Spacewalking astronauts worked at giving the International Space Station’s big robot arm a new hand Thursday. Commander Randy Bresnik and Mark Vande Hei t... read more