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Casey Batchelor puts on eye-popping display for shoot

She’s not afraid of showing off her buxom figure. And Casey Batchelor put on yet another eye-popping display as she took part in a sizzling lingerie shoot... read more

Divorcing NYC couple Harry and Linda Macklowe dispute art

Harry Macklowe (pictured with his wife) said he’s broke amid looming divorce from spouse of 58 years, Linda, who has a highly prized art collection The wi... read more

Man arrested this week could be connected to double murder

Daniel Nations, 31 (pictured), was arrested on Monday in Woodland Park, Colorado for allegedly menacing hikers on a trail with a hatchet earlier in the month Th... read more

Kindhearted cop has rescued more than 60 cats

This kindhearted cop began feeding stray cats while out on patrol – and ended up rescuing more than 60 of them. Gretchen Byrne, of Boca Raton, Florida, j... read more

Tamara Ecclestone plays piano for Jay Rutland at event

She’s been married to her husband Jay Rutland for three years, and they’re the proud parents of precious three-year-old daughter Sophia. And Tamara ... read more

Drinking beer can lift your spirits, researchers claim 

It’s the perfect excuse to take part in Oktoberfest. For researchers have found that drinking beer can lift your spirits and make you feel good about your... read more

Jamie Foxx rocks all-black at White Famous premiere

He guest stars on the new Showtime show White Famous. And Jamie Foxx arrived to the comedy series premiere in all-black while joined by the cast in Los Angeles ... read more

Trump says NFL owners are scared of their players

Donald Trump says NFL franchise owners acknowledge that they need to stop players from kneeling for the National Anthem, but they’re too scared to take ac... read more

Tony Abbott suggests army invade states over natural gas 

Tony Abbott has made comments suggesting the army be used to invade states and territories to take control of natural gas reserves for the Federal Government. M... read more

How little life changed for slaves after Emancipation

After the end of the Civil War, the Emancipation Proclamation and the 13th Amendment brought an end to slavery – but for newly freed African-American slav... read more

Airport system crash has people stranded across Australia

System-wide failures at airports across Australia and around the world have created travel chaos for commuters leaving thousands of people stranded. Passengers ... read more

Rogue Traders conman killed himself in a Travelodge

Mark Makowski was jailed in 2010 A conman, who was exposed on BBC’s Rogue Traders for charging shut-out residents rip-off prices, killed himself after bei... read more

Designer creates evacuation tunnel for high-rise buildings

A British designer has created a unique life-saving evacuation chute which can be adapted to any building – and ‘could have emptied Grenfell Tower i... read more

Macy Gray mistakes Perth for Sydney during her fail DJ set

She famously crooned about choking on her words when it came to saying ‘goodbye’ to her lover. But Grammy Award-winning artist Macy Gray missed the ... read more

Rare plate inspired by Ming dynasty on sale for £150,000

A rare 18th century plate inspired by the Ming dynasty is tipped to be sold for £150,000 after it was found at the back of a kitchen cupboard. The precious ant... read more

North Korean propaganda shows soldiers torturing women

Horrific North Korean propaganda art shows American soldiers torturing women with pliers and murdering babies. The paintings, believed to be from 2005, claim to... read more

Vietnamese bomb victim is now model and Paralympic hopeful

An amputee teen who survived a suicide bomb is now defying the odds to model and become a Paralympic hopeful. Haven Shepherd, now 14, was a baby when she lost b... read more

Holly Willoughby continues to divide style opinion

Fans have been left pining for her curves over her slimmer physique in recent weeks.  And Holly Willoughby continued to divide opinion as she resumed her daily... read more

Government BANS far-right group under terrorism laws

Far-right groups Scottish Dawn and NS131 are to be banned under terrorism laws it was revealed today. The Government has announced that they were identified as ... read more

Perth woman finds her pregnant belly was really a tumour

An Australian woman has revealed the heartbreaking moment she was told her baby was actually a cancerous tumour. Lauren Knowles, from Perth, WA, visited the doc... read more

Katy Perry releases trailer for YouTube feature film

She let the world in to witness her life behind closed doors for four days during a live streaming event in June. And Katy Perry turned her fifth album promotio... read more

Game of Thrones exhibition opens world tour in Barcelona

Museu Marítim chosen as first host of the Game of Thrones touring exhibition Fans will get an insight into the production side of the award-winning TV show The... read more

Expert warns wearing knickers leads to vaginal infection

Wearing knickers can increase heat and sweat in the genital area This can create a breading ground for bacteria and up risk of vaginal infections Underwear mad... read more

Aston Martin reveals designs vacuum cleaner and submarine

Aston Martin today revealed its designs on pushing its range far-beyond James Bond’s favourite gadget-laden cars – by revealing plans for a multi-millio... read more