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Two walkers are killed after hit by 4×4 in East Sussex

Two walkers have been killed and another two injured when they were hit by a 4×4 on a quiet country lane in East Sussex. The crash happened just after 8pm ... read more

Florida National Guard couple miss wedding because of Irma

A Florida National Guard couple abandoned their plans for a beach wedding ceremony and instead got married in an air hangar before rushing to help victims of Hu... read more

Scientists think they may have the answer for your itch

If a random itch often keeps you awake at night tossing and turning in bed, scientists may finally have some good news for you. They have discovered that a drug... read more

Brenden Bennetts searched ‘dispose of body’ Jayde Kendall

Brenden Bennetts searched for ‘best way to dispose of a body’ on YouTube the day before he killed Gatton schoolgirl Jayde Kendall, a murder trial ha... read more

Labour MP calls in police over trolls’ Facebook rape posts

A Labour MP has called in police after internet trolls sent her vile messages, including one saying she should be ‘raped by 100 Muslims’. Detectives... read more

Dorset mill where Marie Curie went into hiding is for sale

A former mill where Marie Curie stayed to escape the press after her affair with a married colleague emerged is now on the market for £1.25million. The Mill Ho... read more

Hospital staff suspended after pregnant woman’s suicide

The Chinese authority has reportedly suspended two hospital workers after a pregnant woman committed suicide during labour because she couldn’t have a Cae... read more

TV correspondents face danger they told others to avoid

They have spent days warning the public to get out of harm’s way as Hurricane Irma roared towards the coast of Florida. But these reporters threw caution ... read more

Battling cancer, McCain says prognosis is ‘pretty good’

US Senator John McCain said Sunday his health prognosis was ‘pretty good’ as he undergoes treatment for cancer, insisting he is strong enough to pre... read more

Six injured in Frankfurt Airport ‘tear gas attack’

Six passengers suffered breathing problems at check-in in Frankfurt Airport Firefighters were called but could not find any trace of poisonous gas Area in Termi... read more

Facebook trolls target animal lovers about making pork

Animal activists have come under fire from meat lovers, who slammed a social media post showing a number of decapitated pigs hanging in a slaughterhouse. The co... read more

YouTube star PewDiePie under fire for shouting the n-word

Swedish YouTube star PewDiePie has come under fire for using the n-word during a gaming live stream. The 27-year-old, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, is the... read more

Wayne Rooney’s ‘kiss’ girl Laura Simpson relaxes in Spain

Her boozy night out with Wayne Rooney has left one of football’s most famous marriages hanging in the balance. But former lettings agent Laura Simpson loo... read more

President Eisenhower’s US Army test LSD on soldiers

Fascinating footage from 1958 has emerged of US Army soldiers high on LSD as part of a government experiment to see if the hallucinogen could be weaponised. Th... read more

North Korea warns US of ‘greatest pain’ over sanctions

North Korea warned on Monday it would inflict ‘the greatest pain and suffering’ on the United States if Washington persists in pushing for harsher U... read more

One million square miles, 3,300 islands, and a ship

A modern-day cruise is about the closest we get to the old Blue Riband days of stately ocean liners.  If you choose carefully, you can still sample some of tha... read more

Water spotted on the moon’s surface at all times of day

When you think of the moon you might picture a dry, desolate, rocky place, but recent evidence has been putting this idea to the test. A new study shows the sur... read more

Amir Khan’s estranged wife Faryal poses in LED mask

Amir Khan’s estranged wife Faryal Makhdoom took a swipe at the boxer this weekend as she indulged in for a bizarre LED facial treatment. Khan has filed fo... read more

Miami airport severely damaged in Hurricane Irma

Miami International Airport has been closed after being severely damaged by Hurricane Irma – and officials have not confirmed when it will reopen. Florida... read more

Cyberbullies force Irish model to flee Bali

An Irish model has been forced to abandon her home in Bali, leaving tens of thousands of pounds of possessions behind, as cyberbullies made her fear for her lif... read more

Men reveal on Reddit how they know when partners want sex

Reddit user asked men about the subtle clues their wives give when in the mood However, a lot of women seem to take a much more blunt approach  One stands besi... read more

Daughter pays tribute to driver father killed in M1 crash

The 16-year-old daughter of the driver of the minibus in the horrific M1 crash over the August Bank Holiday weekend has paid tribute to her father as a ‘m... read more

Good Housekeeping research on calories burned doing chores

Good Housekeeping Institute tested how many calories are burned doing chores Participants burned roughly 600 calories by doing just two hours of housework Windo... read more

Man arrested over death of woman at Bestival

A man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after a woman’s body was found at Bestival.  Officers were called to the site just before 1am on Monday to... read more