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Victim of Gamergate’s horrific online abuse reveals trauma

It’s hard to imagine anyone who is better qualified to talk about online abuse than Zoe Quinn. She is the victim of Gamergate, the scandal where an online... read more

Bodycam video shows moment deputy shot photographer

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio today released body camera footage showing the moment a deputy shot a local news photographer without any warning af... read more

Zoe argues that society is too dismissive of miscarriages

Exactly when my husband Andy and I went from being OK with the idea of having children ‘one day’ to passionately wanting them immediately, I couldn’t say.... read more

Sean Spicer is selfie bait as he rejects $30k per speech

Sean Spicer is no longer a top draw at the White House, but he’s huge in Europe, the former press secretary says. Spicer, who just signed on with a speake... read more

Trump: Dakotans suffering drought ‘better off’ than Texans

President Donald Trump told North Dakotans experiencing a drought they were ‘better off’ than Texans who got battered by Hurricane Harvey. As he has... read more

Texas mom who vanished before Harvey is STILL missing

A Texas realtor mom who vanished the day before Hurricane Harvey is still missing in mysterious and worrying circumstances.  Crystal McDowell, 38, was last hea... read more

Firefighter finds fiancée’s wedding dress after floods

A Texas firefighter was able to save his fiancée’s wedding gown from the flooded waters in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Kyle Parry, 35, from Lumberton,... read more

Hillary chooses CBS anchor Jane Pauley for first interview

Hillary Clinton is awarding her first televised sit-down interview to promote her new book to a woman, selecting CBS Sunday Morning anchor Jane Pauley.  CBS Ne... read more

Missing girl, 15, found alive after month-long search

Police in Minnesota have arrested three men who they say kidnapped a 15-year-old girl from her home a month ago, held her in captivity and repeatedly assaulted ... read more

AI learns to invent disease names with hilarious results

There are countless ailments already in existence that threaten to cause us pain and discomfort, or speed up our mortality – but, if it were up to one AI, our... read more

Laci Peterson’s mother Sharon recounts their last visit

The mother of murder victim Laci Peterson is opening up about the last time she saw her daughter alive in an emotional new interview. Sharon Rocha will appear o... read more

Moment Glasgow ‘jogger’ shoves schoolboy out of way

CCTV footage has captured the moment a jogger pushed a schoolboy out of his way as he ran past him.  Horrified pub staff shared the shocking video online in a ... read more

Mother with terminal brain cancer to deliver baby early

Surgeons are performing an emergency cesarean section in a desperate bid to save a terminally ill pregnant mother and her unborn baby – five weeks after s... read more

Remains of 1,400 German soldiers are re-buried in Russia

German and Russian soldiers have been taking part in the reburial of the remains of more than 1,000 Second World War troops. The reburial took place today at th... read more

Apple’s Steve Jobs theater has a secret wall

After spending $5bn on its new ‘spaceship’ HQ, it may come as no surprise that the Steve Jobs theater hidden underground inside ‘the ring̵... read more

Four men in Asian sex gang jailed for nearly 50 years

Four members of a gang which plied vulnerable women and girls with drugs before forcing them to have sex, have been jailed for almost half a century. A group of... read more

NFL claims Tom Brady did not play concussed in 2016

There was no sign that Tom Brady played with a concussion during the New England Patriots’ championship 2016 season, as his model wife Gisele Bundchen pre... read more

Mother refuses to let daughter be taught by a FAT teacher

The nursery assistant was clearly a lovely woman: kind and great with children. But as I watched her play with my two-year-old daughter, I felt a growing sense ... read more

Essex man in hospital as cigarette ignited air freshener

A motorist escaped with his life after his car exploded when a cigarette ignited an air freshener.  Shocking pictures show the doors, windscreen and roof of t... read more

Driver threatens cyclist in road rage attack

The footage was filmed in Summer Hill in Sydney on Wednesday morning  The clip shows the driver of a Toyota Hilux lash out at a 23-year-old cyclist   The man,... read more

Size 16 women bravely dance around on camera

The national average size of women in America is 16, but if you were to look at the pages of the average magazine, you would have no idea. In order to right a l... read more

Puppy-farmed dogs suffer from ill health and die young 

There are an estimated 8.5m dogs in Britain, and demand means that unscrupulous people are happy to breed and sell dogs at a profit with scant thought for their... read more

Statins DO work, 20-year study finds 

Statins slash the risk of dying of heart attacks and strokes by 28 per cent, a major study has revealed. Scientists say the benefits of the pills are so convinc... read more

Al Roker slams Rush Limbaugh for downplaying Irma coverage

Rush Limbaugh has come under fire for his comments suggesting the media coverage of Hurricane Irma is a ploy to drum up local business. The outspoken radio host... read more