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Is Lord Lucan working as a councillor in Bognor Regis?

The 43-year riddle of what happened to Lord Lucan has taken an unlikely twist after he was unveiled as a new parish councillor near Bognor Regis. The whereabout... read more

Ivanka Trump looks gloomy as she steps out of D.C. home

Ivanka Trump has only been back at work for a matter of days, but it seems that the pressure of the White House may already taking its toll.  The 35-year-old, ... read more

Women recreate their acne into art for Teen Vogue

Women are reinventing what it means to have acne, by turning their blemishes into beautiful art, from painted constellations to faux freckles. French illustrato... read more

US conducts missile defense test off Hawaii coast

The U.S. Missile Defense Agency successfully conducted a missile defense test off the coast of Hawaii on Wednesday The USS John Paul Jones fired off Standard ... read more

Young children ‘find a human head’

Officers sealed off road in Greater Shankill area of Belfast as they search area Three boys made grim discovery while they were playing in area this morning You... read more

Just 20 MINUTES less sitting a day improves cholesterol

Being less sedentary improves cholesterol, which is linked to heart disease It also helps to maintain leg muscles, which can diminish with inactivity Researcher... read more

Woman’s rant against Boots’ waxing strips goes viral

Hannah Scorer‎ to Boots UK 25 August at 23:01 · Boots, we need to have a word. These are, categorically, the worst wax strips in the world. I haven’t t... read more

British troop ship torpedoed 99 years ago pictured

These stunning photographs show the wreckage of a British troop ship 235ft down on the seabed off the Irish coast – 99 years after it was destroyed by a G... read more

Man breaks his hand during arm-wrestling match in China

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT  The instantly regretful incident happened at a friend’s home in southern China  In the clip, the smaller man can be seen chall... read more

Being a couch potato past 50 could leave you disabled

Being a couch potato past 50 won’t just make you put on weight – it could also leave you disabled.  Middle-aged people who spend five hours a day w... read more

Man stabbed on Melbourne’s William Barak Bridge

Stabbing victim lay bleeding near Melbourne tram stop as people walked past Passer-by finally called emergency services after man lay ‘for quite some tim... read more

Chris Cornell’s older brother talks pain of his suicide

The brother of late Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell penned an emotional letter on Facebook sharing the pain of his younger sibling’s suicide.  Following... read more

Video shows Houston garage filling up with floodwater

This shocking timelapse video shows a Houston man’s garage filling up with floodwater in just 36 hours as Hurricane Harvey struck. Following torrential ra... read more

At least 30 dead and more than 20,000 homeless in Houston

Rescue shelters flooded in Houston overnight, filling up with water as displaced Texans who had already fled their homes cowered in cots. At the Bob Bowers Civi... read more

Trump scarecrow spotted at Michael Douglas’s holiday home

A scarecrow resembling President Donald Trump has been put up in a vegetable garden at Hollywood star Michael Douglas’s Spanish holiday home. The not quit... read more

Seattle woman diets to spend more time with dying husband

A woman who once weighed 280lb (20st) says her husband’s shock brain tumour diagnosis was the catalyst for her to lose half of her body weight.  Taylor ... read more

Boston waxwork museum mocked for poor likenesses

A new waxwork museum in Boston has been widely mocked because of his poor likenesses, but bosses say online hecklers haven’t deterred them.  Critics say ... read more

ISIS hideouts where extremists lived on Syrian border

Reeking of death, strewn with dirt-plastered debris, Islamic State’s now-captured hideouts on the Syria-Lebanon border were the squalid homes of the despe... read more

Two toddlers are among at least six dead in Mumbai floods

Two toddlers are among at least six people killed as heavy monsoon rain deluged India’s financial capital Mumbai causing transport chaos and forcing schoo... read more

Sydney off-duty cop saves elderly couple from burning home

An off duty police officer has been hailed a hero after he rushed to save the lives of an elderly couple who were trapped inside their burning home.  Chief Ins... read more

Smart devices could let your ISP spy on your home

Details of your private habits within your own home could be sold on to advertisers by broadband providers, a shocking new study warns. Experts discovered that ... read more

Louisiana braces for rain and floods as Harvey returns

Louisiana is bracing for 10 inches of rain, tornadoes and widespread floods early on Wednesday as tropical storm Harvey made its second landfall after dumping r... read more

Illegal four bed bungalow torn down in Gloucestershire

A builder has been ordered to tear down a four-bed bungalow he illegally constructed behind high trees and hedges. Steve Turley sold a six-bedroom family home f... read more

Joel Osteen defends decision not to open Houston church

Pastor Joel Osteen doubled down on his defense for not opening his Houston church to flood evacuees sooner.  In an interview with the Today show Wednesday morn... read more