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Howard’s upset of UNLV worth thousands to gamblers

Not only did Howard University become the first college football team to overcome a 45-point spread with their recent 43-40 upset of the University of Nevada La... read more

Trump labor day tweet includes Melania in Italian dress

President Trump tweeted a message about bringing jobs back to America on Monday for Labor Day  ‘We are building our future with American hands, American ... read more

Skull of Pompeii hero Pliny the Elder may have been found

Researchers say a skull in an Italian museum may have belonged to historian and naval commander Pliny the Elder, who died during the eruption of Vesuvius in AD ... read more

Michelle Obama recreates Beyoncé’s Formation video pose

For some, September 4th is just a regular day, but for millions around the world, it is a celebration of Beyoncé’s birthday.   The super star singer tur... read more

Drunk man rents a LAMBORGHINI and smashes into a tree 

A drunk man trying to impress a girl he met in a bar chased after her in his rented Lamborghini and later crashed the bright green supercar into a tree. The 19-... read more

Man sends girlfriend the King of Queens theme as a ‘poem’

Nothing woos a lady quite like a spot of romantic poetry.  But for those fellas who think flexing a creative muscle too taxing in this regard, one New Yorker m... read more

Newborn panda grows from baby to cute chap

Thirty days of a baby panda’s life has been captured in adorable footage The baby panda, which was born in Beauval Zoo in Paris slowly gains it colour It ... read more

Man who ‘stabbed aunt to death’ hangs himself in prison

A Florida man who was arrested for fatally stabbing his aunt and knifing his father 23 times in front of a young relative before breaking into his estranged wif... read more

Michigan State sued for rejecting white nationalist group

A university student has filed a lawsuit against Michigan State University after it denied a request to rent campus space to white nationalist Richard Spencer. ... read more

Women were the key to spreading culture around Europe

Women were the ‘driving force’ spreading new ideas and technologies across Britain and Europe during the Stone Age – while their menfolk stayed home, a su... read more

Neanderthal remains are 8,000 years older than thought

The ancient remains of a group of late surviving Neanderthals from Croatia are much older than previously thought, new research has found. Previous research sug... read more

Small child’s body found encased in concrete in Kansas

A landlord was cleaning the house in Wichita, Kansas, Saturday when he found a concrete structure and noticed an odor coming from it Police removed the structur... read more

Cold War nuclear bunker that remained hidden for 40 years 

The inside of a top-secret nuclear war bunker remained hidden in Cornwall for 40 years – until now, as developers plan to turn surrounding buildings into ... read more

America promotes propeller fighter planes in Afghanistan

The US might have access to the most cutting-edge war technology on the market, but sometimes the oldies really are the best. That certainly seems to be the cas... read more

Houston homeowners threaten to shoot looters

As Houstonians return home in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, some have started erecting signs threatening to shoot looters.  Signs reading ‘Warning!! Loot... read more

Friends worry bodyguard-buddy’s leaving will change Trump

President Trump’s friends worry that when his longtime bodyguard Keith Schiller leaves the White House he’ll lose an important sounding board and on... read more

Search and rescue operation is launched off Cornwall

By Harvey Day For Mailonline Published: 19:24 BST, 4 September 2017 | Updated: 19:25 BST, 4 September 2017 A major search operation is underway after two fisher... read more

Asteroid that skimmed past Earth on Friday has TWO moons

On September 1, a massive asteroid measuring roughly 2.8 miles wide skimmed past Earth at just 4.4 million miles away, or 18 times the distance between our plan... read more

Thug PUNCHES woman to the floor

Footage has gone viral on social media after a man hit a woman during a fight in the middle of a busy town centre in West Yorkshire. The disturbing incident too... read more

How Kim affords nuclear programme as North Korea starves

While North Korea is meant to be shackled by crippling sanctions, its dictator still manages to fund a nuclear programme and his own lavish lifestyle.  Kim Jon... read more

Israeli PM’s wife accused of diverting £86k public funds

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife has taken a voluntary lie detector test in a bid to try and dispel claims she misused public funds. Sara... read more

Monster black hole is found in our galaxy

A giant black hole 100,000 times more massive than the sun has been in the heart of our galaxy.  The monster black hole is the second largest ever seen in the ... read more

Eatery boss who ‘bullied staff’ resigns after backlash

A restaurant manager accused of bullying staff resigned after customers bombarded his eaterie’s Facebook page with one-star reviews. It started when Michelle ... read more

Photos reveal plight of Afrikaners in concentration camps

These are the harrowing photographs of Britain’s concentrations camps during the Second Boer War show the disease-ridden tents where more than 48,000 inn... read more