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Little girl’s ruins her perfectly-done hair in funny pics

A Louisiana mother was so proud when she sent her daughter off to kindergarten in a sweet new dress and bow-bedecked updo — which is why she was so surprised ... read more

Savannah Guthrie is busted ogling Roger Federer at US Open

Savannah Guthrie’s passion for Roger Federer has not faltered one bit, and the known megafan made sure she was there to cheer on her idol during a tense U... read more

Illinois theme park to open ‘world’s largest’ loop coaster

An Illinois theme park will open the world’s largest loop coaster in spring 2018 The unnamed ride will be 100 feet tall and have 32 seats Six Flags Great ... read more

Romanian car washer, 29, jailed for 16 years

Cezar Florea, 29, has been jailed for 16 years for an ‘abhorrent’ attempted rape of a middle-aged woman in Middlesbrough, 2014 A Romanian car washe... read more

A Republican, Democrat, and Independent get stoned

Some may call it the devil’s lettuce, but marijuana proved to be a great peacemaker when three people with very different political ideologies got togethe... read more

Shropshire woman pretended to be police to control her ex

Lauren Adderley, 21, pictured, used ‘sophisticated catfish style behaviour’ to convince her former partner Mitchell Lloyd, 22, he was part of a poli... read more

Iowa preschool teacher shows up to sentencing drunk 

Angela Hircock, 43, pleaded guilty to child endangerment charges after she was discovered drunk at a preschool where she was a teacher A preschool teacher in De... read more

Two men fight over gas at a 7-Eleven in Dallas, Texas

This is the shocking moment two men fight over fuel at a Dallas gas station  In the video, the men can be seen having a heated discussion over a gas tank  Aft... read more

Obama wants $1.1 million for office use next year

Former President Barack Obama’s D.C. office space has pushed him past all of his predecessors when it comes to his post-presidential office space paid for... read more

‘We love Dreamers,’ Trump says of DACA program

President Donald Trump suggested Friday that he may not terminate an Obama-era program that shields illegal immigrant children from deportation. The president s... read more

Data of 6M Instagram users is being sold on the dark web

A group of hackers dubbed ‘Doxagram’ claims to have scraped the personal data – including phone numbers and email addresses – of six mil... read more

Houston cop cries as daughter, 4, sings ‘Happy Birthday’

Sgt. Nick Matson hasn’t been home in six days because of storm relief efforts An adorable video shows him wiping away tears as his daughter serenades him ... read more

Spurned lover calmly sets himself on fire

A man set himself on fire in a supermarket in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia Clips show the man calmly set his clothes alight in 40 seconds of torture He was rushed t... read more

Mueller calls on IRS in Trump-Russia probe

Agents from the IRS’ Criminal Investigations Unit have been called into probe Investigation into Russian meddling in last year’s election is being o... read more

Police warn residents of infected ‘zombie’ coyotes

Hanover Park Police Department in Chicago, Illinois have warned residents about the rise of the ‘zombie’ coyote. According to WNBC, police have told... read more

Pensioner couple go on drunken hotel rampage in Scotland

A pair of pensioners have been ordered to pay nearly £5,000 after going on a drunken rampage in a hotel. Former chartered surveyor Robert Fergus and his wife R... read more

F1 icon Lewis Hamilton writes poem about Princess Diana

For reasons unknown, Lewis Hamilton has inflicted a recent foray into poetry on social media users – with a toe-curling tribute to Princess Diana. The For... read more

Trump’s voter fraud commission chair writes for Breitbart

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has been triple dipping: holding his post at home, heading President Trump’s voter fraud commission, and writing pai... read more

New York author divorced by her former Wall Street husband

An author in New York who wrote about how the 2008 recession helped heal her marriage to financier husband is getting a divorce. Anthony Corso, 54, filed for di... read more

Kid Rock drops new hint about 2018 ‘political revolution’

Kid Rock teased a potential U.S. Senate run on Thursday, tweeting that ‘[t]he 2018 Political Revolution is nearing.’  The musician, who was born Ro... read more

Michelle Obama shows off her toned legs in a wrap skirt

Michelle Obama looked ever the A-lister as she stepped out for a workout and a yacht trip in Mallorca, Spain. The former First Lady, 53, shielded herself from t... read more

Usher accuser believes star is transferring his assets

The woman suing Usher for giving her genital herpes, is now accusing the star of hiding his assets. The woman, known as Jane Doe, is apparently confident she wi... read more

Man who sexually abused animals wants chemical castration

Michael Bessigano, 46, has asked for chemical castration in lieu of prison time after multiple convictions for sexually abusing animals A northwest Indiana man ... read more

African migrant smuggled his heavily-pregnant wife into UK

An African migrant smuggled his heavily pregnant wife into the UK illegally then turned drug dealer as a means to support his family. Ali Camara, 25, was senten... read more