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NASA shares stunning image of Saturn’s moon Pandora

It was once thought that Saturn’s oddly-shaped moon Pandora worked like a ‘shepherd’ alongside Prometheus, helping to mold the form of the narrow F ring. ... read more

Google exec warns AI will trigger ‘difficult episodes’

The rise of artificial intelligence will likely lead the world to ‘difficult episodes’ in the future, Google executive Ray Kurzweil warns – but, he says h... read more

Astros fan sneaks into Game 2 of the World Series

A Houston Astros fan successfully blagged his way into a World Series game by dressing up as a Dodgers security guard – using an old NASA ID badge and a s... read more

World needs new rules for powerful tech -Web Summit chief

Tech companies like Google and Facebook seem like monopolies and need new rules, the organiser of one of the world’s biggest technology summits said. Padd... read more

1 MILLION Android users duped into getting fake WhatsApp

It’s one of the most popular apps in the world, but it appears that over a million Android users may have been tricked into downloading a fake version of ... read more

Roxy Jacenko’s son Hunter Curtis reviews toy on YouTube

His mother is one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs. So it’s no surprise that Roxy Jacenko’s young son Hunter Curtis is busy trying... read more

Dutch YouTube show sees presenters taking drugs on air

YouTube has been accused of glamorising drug abuse by screening a programme in which attractive young presenters take cocaine and LSD then gleefully describe th... read more

Bella Thorne nuzzles up to kissing pal Tana Mongeau

They’re as thick as thieves. And Bella Thorne has teamed up with her YouTube star kissing friend Tana Mongeau to star in the music video for her latest so... read more

NASA spots comet 96P in rare sighting from two locations

NASA and ESA have spotted an ‘old friend’ passing through our stellar neighbourhood. A comet known as 96P was captured on October 25 by the Solar and Helios... read more

Eric Schmidt warns China will overtake US in AI by 2025

Alphabet boss Eric Schmidt has warned the Chinese are poised to erase a key American advantage — and says the Trump administration is helping them. ‘I&#... read more

Hi Josh throws $1,829 iPhone X at unsuspecting people

YouTuber Hi Josh threw new iPhone X at unsuspecting people in Brisbane streets He carelessly tossed it over his shoulder and even up and down a pub balcony The ... read more

Kourtney Kardashian wears very plunging top

It was her little sister’s 22nd birthday and Kourtney Kardashian was not going to miss it. The 38-year-old was seen arriving in a hurry to Petite Taqueri... read more

Kendall Jenner struggles to keep her jeans on

While the rest of the world tries to keep up with her sisters, Kendall Jenner was just trying to keep her jeans up on Thursday night. The 21-year-old was spotte... read more

Bin Laden played games like Counter-Strike, Half-Life

Osama bin Laden (above), the mastermind of terrorist attacks that killed thousands of Americans, was also a fan of popular video games Terror mastermind Osama b... read more

NASA studies the invisible bubbles in our solar system

Invisible ‘bubbles’ are known to surround most of the planets in our solar system, protecting them from high-energy particles known as cosmic rays. While th... read more

Kourtney Kardashian calls Leo DiCaprio ‘first celeb crush’

Though they’re almost always in the spotlight, sisters Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian prefer to keep their love lives more private. But during Ell... read more

Have physicists solved NASA’s ‘impossible’ EmDrive?

Scientists around the world are working to develop the first ‘reactionless’ propulsion system – a so-called impossible engine that could slash space-trave... read more

Vlogging families who are getting rich on YouTube

Rebecca Meldrum angles her breakfast cereal — a berry granola — to the camera, to make sure no detail of her meal goes unrecorded. Next, she spins round and... read more

NASA finds dwarf planet Ceres once had global ocean

Ceres may have once had a global ocean – and part of it could still remain, NASA has revealed. The dwarf planet, best known for its strange ‘alien s... read more

Waymo shows off driverless minivans in fake city

Google has revealed the self driving minivans it hopes could revolutionise the way we travel. At a closely guarded ‘fake town’ testing facility call... read more

Google ditched autopilot driving feature after user napped

Waymo, a self-driving car company spun out from Google’s parent company Alphabet, has stopped developing features that require drivers to take control in ... read more

Taylor Swift sings with Kenny Chesney in new live track

Taylor Swift has just been named as the musical guest on an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live. And over the weekend, country singer Kenny Chesney released... read more

Kepler finds 20 habitable worlds ‘in plain sight’

A new analysis of data from NASA’s Kepler telescope has revealed a treasure trove of 20 extraterrestrial worlds astronomers say could hold life. The new a... read more

NASA reveals record setting tests of radical ion engine

Engineers from NASA and the University of Michigan have revealed record breaking tests of a radical ion engine designed to get man to Mars. Known as a Hall Thru... read more