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The ultimate guide to Dublin Zoo

Tigers, rhinos and red river hogs – and plenty more besides – await at the largest zoo in Ireland and one of the oldest in the world. From beating the queue... read more

Dramatic moment Jeremy Kyle joins police in cannabis raid

This is the dramatic moment Jeremy Kyle joined police as they smashed in the front door of a cannabis farm.  The controversial TV host accompanied officers as ... read more

Father-of-two dies after he’s struck by car driven by his girlfriend

Harley Streeter, 39, was killed on March 2 after he was struck by a car driven by his girlfriend  A Michigan father-of-two has died after he was struck by a ca... read more

Cumbria police react after man takes woman hostage in hotel room

Cumbria Police responding to reports man has barricaded himself in hotel room  Understood a woman has been taken hostage by man at Hotel Imperial, Cumbria Arme... read more

Dr Pimple Popper reveals how her life has changed

If you’ve ever been disgusted by the sight of a gruesome cyst being squeezed, then chances are Dr Pimple Popper is to blame. The YouTube sensation, dubbed... read more

New film tells story of Southern rock legends Lynyrd Skynyrd

Lynyrd Skynyrd, when they exploded onto the American music scene in the 1970s, were the poster children for Southern rock. They had it all – the long hair, t... read more

Asylum seeker ‘used his foster parents’ tupperware’ to build bomb

The Parsons Green bomber used his foster parents’ tupperware and a Tesco Clubcard to make an explosive packed with screwdrivers, nails and knives, a court... read more

Parents of tragic two-day-old baby release heartbreaking statement

The heartbroken parents of a two-day-old baby who died after a needless operation today described the horror of their son ‘arriving home in a coffin’... read more

Ahmed Hassan ‘used his foster parents’ tupperware’ to build bomb

The Parsons Green bomber used his foster parents’ Tupperware and a Tesco Clubcard to make an explosive packed with screwdrivers, nails and knives, a court... read more

Indian man ‘pours acid on his wife’ because she had a baby girl

A man poured acid on his sleeping wife on International Women’s Day because she gave birth to a baby girl and he wanted a boy. Farah, 25, was severely bu... read more

Raquel Hultman has skin syndrome that tears at the slightest touch

A little girl whose skin tears at the slightest touch has found joy on the ski slopes – thanks to a thick padded jacket that protects her like cotton wool... read more

Husband and wife left paralysed after eating canned green beans

A married couple were left paralysed and spent five months in intensive care after eating green beans from a can. The husband and wife, from Germany, caught bot... read more

Slimming World champion Laura Cosbie lost half her body weight

A mother-of-two revealed how she lost half her body weight after being left embarrassed when she became stuck on a theme park ride. Laura Cosbie, 35, from Leice... read more

Ex-Trump aide Sam Nunberg turns up for Mueller probe grand jury

A former Trump campaign aide arrived Friday at the federal courthouse in Washington for a scheduled grand jury appearance days after he defiantly insisted in a ... read more

Man murders 92-year-old roommate after becoming annoyed at snoring

A man suffocated his 92-year-old roommate by holding a pillow to her face after becoming annoyed by her snoring. Enrique Leyva, 47, had been a live-in caretaker... read more

Daylight saving time boosts your risk of heart attack

Daylight saving time is just around the corner, and new research suggests we should be wary of the lost sleep incurred.   Less time in bed after the annual ti... read more

The NBA 2K League Draft will take place next month in New York

The draft lottery will be held next Tuesday, March 13, to decide the draft order Out of the 72,000 who qualified, just 102 players will be drafted onto a team T... read more

Alarming ingredients in highly processed foods are harmful

Social media might be awash with glossy snaps of salads, smoothie bowls and other virtuous dishes but these photos don’t look anything like what the major... read more

Candyman’s Freaks Unleashed party revealed in new footage

The Candyman has released new footage of his debauched Freaks Unleashed house party at his Candy Shop Mansion home. Tobacco tycoon Travers Beynon uploaded the 4... read more

Minnesota Powerball winner injured when van hit by ‘drunk driver’

Authorities said Nisbany Surit Garcias, 30, was driving drunk when he crashed his pickup truck into a van filled with 15 passengers Tuesday, fatally wounding on... read more

Dakota Fox pole danced her way through her pregnancy to keep fit

A mom-of-one has revealed how pole dancing throughout her pregnancy helped her stay in shape and regain a six pack within months of giving birth. Dakota Fox, 33... read more

Canadian ‘funhouse’ goes on the market for $875,000

With its glass hallways, circular doors and brightly-coloured walls, this property certainly boasts plenty of character. The sprawling 22,604 sq ft home in Sain... read more

Jonathan Nash jailed in Qatar fears he will die in prison    

A British businessman jailed for 37 years in Qatar for a bounced cheque has admitted: ‘I may never see my family again’. Jonathan Nash fears he will... read more

Transgender woman clashes with feminists on International Womans Day

A transgender woman has been caught on film clashing with a group of radical feminists at a march on International Women’s Day. The fiery exchange took pl... read more