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Sophie Wessex attends a military parade in Dorking

The Countess of Wessex looked elegant in a pale grey coat as she attended military parade today.  Sophie, 52, was on hand to bid a celebratory farewell to the ... read more

‘Paddy Doherty tries to ‘bite off’ rival ear in a brawl’

Shocking footage appears to show the son of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star Paddy Doherty brawling at a traveller site and attempting to ‘bite off’ a ... read more

All you need to know about Elon Musk’s Big F***ing Rocket

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk announced the latest addition to his company SpaceX’s arsenal – the ‘Big F***ing Rocket’ (BFR) –... read more

Amputees poke fun at themselves in light-hearted snaps

Amputees feature in a series of light-hearted photos on social media From witty tattoos to hilarious Christmas snaps, the posts show cheerfulness One man turned... read more

Johnny Vegas reveals his heartbreak at father’s death

He lost his beloved father Laurence Pennington to cancer in March this year. And Johnny Vegas has opened up about his heartbreak at his father’s death, sa... read more

Trump’s Chicago hotel serves bizarre looking steak dish

A photo showing a ‘mouthwatering’ steak dish at Trump Tower in Chicago has been well and truly skewered and roasted by Twitter users who have been g... read more

Graffiti artist spotted daubing picture of queen on house

A graffiti artist was spotted daubing a picture of the Queen in racy underwear on the side of a house in central London. A trendy cafe on the junction of Grays ... read more

Don Jr’s daughter will dress as Donald Trump on Halloween

Halloween is still more than a month a away, but Donald Trump Jr.’s youngest Chloe already knows what she wants to be: her grandfather.   The 39-year-ol... read more

Syrian mother and daughter give birth at the same time

Fatma Birinci gave birth to her child at the same time as her daughter Gade  The pair fled their native country three years ago because of the civil war The tw... read more

Suspected SS guard, 95, confronted over WW2 claims

This is the chilling moment a 95-year-old suspected of being a Nazi death squad guard was confronted with claims he was present during a mass murder more than 7... read more

Police director faces investigation after NFL protest post

The Michigan State Police says an internal investigation will determine whether the agency’s director will be disciplined for sharing a Facebook post that... read more

Gymnast falls to floor as she fails to grab a swing

A female circus performer lost grip of a prop by her teeth and fell from height The male gymnast on top was hanging on a swing but failed to grab his partner  ... read more

Melania hits back at librarian who rejected her donation

Cambridgeport Elementary School librarian Liz Phipps Soeiro dressed up as the Cat in the Hat at a Green Eggs and Ham breakfast, but said Melania Trump’s b... read more

Russia ready to work with NK on ‘peaceful resolution’

Moscow is prepared to work with Pyongyang to try to find a peaceful resolution to the North Korean missile crisis, the Russian Foreign ministry said on Friday. ... read more

Jerry Lewis leaves entire estate to widow SanDee

Jerry Lewis made sure that none of his children would be able to profit off his death, with the legendary funnyman’s final will and testament leaving the ... read more

Heating cannabis with blowtorch produces cancerous toxins

Vaporizing cannabis oil at high heats produces a known carcinogen, according to a new study. This increasingly popular way of using cannabis, called ‘dabb... read more

Sydney suburb dubbed best for buying affordable house 

First home buyers might be able to break into the housing market without breaking the bank after a west Sydney suburb was dubbed the most affordable in the coun... read more

Hilarious pictures reveal bizarre Russian dating profiles

If you’re not having any luck with finding love using dating apps and sites Britain, you might idly wonder about casting your net further afield.  But un... read more

Tractors roll into Barcelona ahead of independence vote

Hundreds of tractors rolled into Barcelona to protect polling stations ahead of the ‘banned’ Catalan independence referendum this Sunday. Striking i... read more

Prince Harry watches the Invictus Games archery finals

Prince Harry braved the rain in a waterproof as he showed his support for athletes at the Invictus Games archery finals today.  The 33-year-old royal was at hi... read more

Alessandra Ambrosio shines in a dazzling minidress at PFW

She was fresh from the star-studded Balmain catwalk at Paris Fashion Week. But Alessandra Ambrosio, 36, looked ready to party with the fashion house on Thursday... read more

Are YOU being emotionally abused?

Recovery from any form of abuse can be a difficult journey.  This is especially true when the mistreatment doesn’t leave any physical evidence of harm. ... read more

Brother of Holly Bobo says he was shocked he was a suspect

The brother of a woman who was kidnapped and murdered has said he was ‘shocked’ when police questioned him as a suspect. Nursing student Holly Bobo ... read more

Dad learns why you can’t drop f-bomb in front of toddler 

James LaPorta, a former U.S. Marine, learned not to swear in front of his son He posted a video on Twitter of the two-year-old repeatedly saying ‘f***R... read more