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Mubashir Jami radicalised online to become ISIS jihadi

A straight-A student worked in an Amazon warehouse to save up to become an ISIS fighter willing to carry out a suicide attack in the UK, a court heard today. Mu... read more

Carrie A. Nation destroyed bars during prohibition hatchet

Shards of smashed glass litter the floors and counter tops of the Carey Hotel Bar in Wichita, Kansas, now severely damaged. It had been one of the most elaborat... read more

Emotional intelligence is the skill you need to earn more

Being prepared to put in long hours and learn new skills might seem like ideal ways to boost your prospects of a pay rise, but now experts have revealed that on... read more

Human intestines have been grown in the lab

Human intestines have been grown in the lab and transplanted into rats – offering hope of new treatments for serious gut disorders, scientists have reveal... read more

Andy Murray and Serena Williams could return down under

One of the most significant voices in the tennis world is confident that both Andy Murray and Serena Williams will be fit to return to the Australian Open in Ja... read more

Elite NSW police officers will soon carry M4 machine guns

Selected members of the NSW Public Order and Riot Squad will soon carry M4s The move is modeled on UK ‘armed response’ model that targets active sho... read more

Circus bear attacks handler then continues to perform

Footage shows a bear being paraded on stage in the Russian city of Syktyvkar But the animal suddenly lunges forward before knocking its master to the floor Brow... read more

Man meets his father for the first time in 37 years

A man embraced his father for the first time in more than three decades A clip shows the moment the two meet and are overwhelmed with emotion The son’s d... read more

Kit Harington, Rose Leslie’s wedding will halt GOT filming

They announced last week that they are engaged to be married, after meeting and playing lovers on HBO’s Game Of Thrones six years ago. And Kit Harington a... read more

Missing breakfast cuts more than 300 calories a day

Losing weight could be as simple as skipping breakfast, new research suggests. Fasting until lunch causes people to eat around 353 fewer calories a day, a study... read more

Kenny Miller ‘stopped friend threatening woman with knife’

Rangers star Kenny Miller stopped his friend threatening a pregnant woman with a knife when a row broke out at a restaurant just hours after an Old Firm derby, ... read more

3 per cent of Americans own half of the country’s guns

America has almost as many guns in civilian hands as there are people in the country but those weapons are owned by a small group of people, surveys show. Just ... read more

Susanna Reid forced to apologise after guest says F-word

Susanna Reid had to issue an apology when a guest swore live on air during a discussion about her Instagram account ‘dearcatcallers’. The Good Morni... read more

Inside Cragieburn the welfare heartland of Australia

Ben Hoy is just 37, but for the best part of the last two decades he admits he’s been a ‘dole bludger’. The father-of-two, who is estranged fr... read more

Jericho Malabonga won’t quit his job at Qantas

When Jericho Malabonga arrived in Australia three years ago he was unemployed and took a job cleaning toilets at Jetstar. But, despite being the winner of Aust... read more

Volcanic island La Palma experience 40 tremors in 48 hours

The Canary holiday island of La Palma has recorded dozens of mini-earthquakes over the weekend, scientists report.  More than 40 tremours were recorded in just... read more

Mortgage lenders race to raise rates

More than 20 lenders have hiked their mortgage rates in the past month as fears of an imminent rise in the base rate grow, prompting experts to call time on rec... read more

Thousands of low-income pensioners risk losing their homes

An estimated 135,000 low-income homeowners are at risk of losing their homes as the government gears up to bin a key benefit known as support for mortgage inter... read more

Dolphin leans in to lick man’s face in Mexico

Dolphins are known for being among the kindest animals out there – but one man got more than he bargained for as far as friendliness when he tried to pose... read more

Woman accused of threatening FBI mole in train-guns case

A mother-of-seven from suburban Chicago is accused of urging Facebook followers to kill a gang member-turned-FBI informant who derailed a scheme to sell stolen ... read more

The photos that will mess with your mind!

The mind-bending collection of viral images appear to make absolutely no sense Photographers unwittingly capture a moment that appears to defy logic   Senseles... read more

Jessica Cunningham’s heartbreaking letter to her children

Former Apprentice contestant Jessica Cunningham has written a letter to her three children about the death of their father, Alistair Eccles. Two months after th... read more

Mental Health Day: How asylum patients were restrained

The world may still have a long way to go when it comes to treating mental health, but these images lay bare how far we have already come in treating diseases o... read more

Amazon set to take over Australian pharmaceutical market

American online shopping giant Amazon plans to stake its claim on the $16 billion Australian pharmaceutical industry. The online store will open its first war... read more