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Hal Robson-Kanu in row with council over his garden fence

Premier League star is battling Bracknell Forest Council over his garden fence West Brom striker, 28, claims it was already there when he moved in  But authori... read more

Craig Carton is arrested for $2million ticket scheme

Craig Carton, one half of the popular WFAN radio sports show Boomer and Carton, has been arrested for his alleged role in a $2million ticket business scam.  Th... read more

Warren Jeffs ordered to pay ex-child bride $16m

A judge in Utah ordered polygamist Warren Jeffs to pay a former child bride $16 million after he forced her to marry her 19-year-old cousin when she was 14 year... read more

People share the most bizarre sights they’ve woken up to

Waking up to the unwelcome sound of your alarm clock trilling first thing in the morning can be bad enough.  But some people have experienced some rather stran... read more

Griffin’s cockatoos make tools to reach food from a tube

The mischievous Goffin’s cockatoo has a reputation as an escape artist – the highly intelligent birds can figure out how to unlock cage doors. And a... read more

Hatfield police hunt man and woman who tried snatch baby

Police are searching for this man and a woman who tried to snatch a baby after knocking on a stranger’s door and asking if they needed childcare Police ar... read more

Queen’s Bentley and Margaret’s silver Rolls-Royce auction

The Queen’s old Bentley car which still directs the driver to Windsor Castle when they tap the ‘home’ icon on the sat nav is up for auction. T... read more

Candidate running for mayor lists ‘white’ as qualification

Kimberley Paige Barnette, 53, is a longshot candidate for the Republican Party nomination in Charlotte’s mayoral race A woman running for mayor of Charlot... read more

George Calombaris’ ex employees to wait a year for wages

He was forced to apologise earlier in the year after he underpaid his restaurant staff. And it seems the staff of George Calombaris’ company – Made ... read more

Melbourne kids ‘forced to make vagina out of plasticine’

School students as young as 13 have been forced to make a vagina out of plasticine and listen to a teacher’s masturbation class. Melbourne mother Marijke... read more

Disney World could shut as Hurricane Irma heads to Florida

There are fears Disney World could be forced to close after three Disney Dream cruises were cancelled amid worries Hurricane Irma will head north into Florida.... read more

Ray Lewis’ reason why Ravens chose not to sign Kaepernick

Ray Lewis believes the Baltimore Ravens chose not to sign Colin Kaepernick because his girlfriend posted a tweet comparing the team’s billionaire owner S... read more

Two cars collide in crash test with different results

Every year thousands of Australians buy used cars for themselves or their children, assuming they will be safe in a crash. But as this NSW Government crash test... read more

South Korea to smash North’s underground military base

South Korea is looking to build a hybrid ‘frankenmissile’ able to destroy North Korea’s underground nuclear testing grounds and hidden militar... read more

Cheetah powerslams impala into the ground in South Africa

Herd of impala were drinking in Pilanesberg National Park with only zebras and some guinea fowl for company Out of nowhere, a hungry cheetah appeared and launch... read more

Female holidaymakers in Ryanair brawl have now made up

Two women who were filmed brawling on the floor next to the baggage reclaim in Alicante after a Ryanair flight from Newcastle say they have now made up.  Nicol... read more

Europe in range of nuclear missile attack from North Korea

France’s defence minister Florence Parly issued the chilling warning on Tuesday Europe could be within reach of a nuclear missile attack from North Korea ... read more

Modern house built by architect Peter Womersley for sale

A renowned designer’s modern home which hosted fashion shows in the Sixties for Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent is up for sale for £795,000. Klein ... read more

Woman slips out of cuffs and hijacks cop car after arrest

A Texas woman put on a dazzling magic show in the back of a cop cruiser on Saturday, shortly after being arrested on suspicion of shoplifting. Video released by... read more

Driverless taxis could hit the streets of London in 2019

An driverless car firm based in Cambridge has raised £14 million ($16.4 million) in funding – Europe’s largest investment in an autonomous car star... read more

Cellular ‘time machine’ could offer Parkinson’s treatment

Biologists have turned back the clock on ageing in the cells of fruit flies, by increasing levels of a protein called Drp1. This cellular time machine was found... read more

Florida residents prepare for Hurricane Irma

Florida Gov. Rick Scott says Hurricane Irma is already shaping up to be a stronger storm than Hurricane Andrew, the most destructive tropical storm to ever hit ... read more

The Bachelor’s Elora Murger is eliminated and left furious

She was the self-proclaimed ‘Tahitian goddess’ who had become a fan favourite to win The Bachelor this season.  But Elora Murger’s journey ca... read more

Home shaped like flying saucer on sale in New Zealand

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you’re zipping through space in a 1970s sci-fi film, how about waking up to it every day? A rare home shaped like... read more