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Man dead and another hospitalised after horror car crash

A man was killed after the car he was in crashed off the road and into a creek Emergency services attended the vehicle which was upturned in the water The 33-ye... read more

Conor McGregor’s sisters flaunt glamorous lives

Their brother is the sporting success story of 2017 having turned his loss against Floyd Mayweather into a £77M payday, just four years after surviving on dol... read more

The weirdest ice-cream recipes served around the world

We all scream for ice-cream, according to the old saying.  But, given the increasingly-bizarre recipes emerging from parlours across the globe, there’s g... read more

Australian hemp growers fight government cosmetics ban

TGA reversed exemption that allowed supply of industrial hemp for products  Some growers launched federal court case fearing decision will harm business   Au... read more

Inside the New Orleans chapel filled with prosthetic limbs

Limbs, teeth and feet isn’t the first thing one would except upon walking into a chapel.  But for the people in St Roch, New Orleans, seeing prosthetic l... read more

The VR game that could detect dementia in MINUTES

A virtual reality game could help detect the early stages of dementia in minutes. Researchers at University College London have developed a programme which can ... read more

Merkel and Macron push on with plans for a two-step EU

The leaders of Germany and France have committed to pressing ahead with deeper European integration and promised a tighter euro zone at the core of the European... read more

Manhunt in New Hampshire for tatted convict

Eric Judkins, 46, walked away from a halfway house in Manchester, New Hampshire, Monday night  A manhunt has been launched for a violent inmate who failed to r... read more

Don’t take ibuprofen if you go to the gym, study finds

Adults wanting to bulk up and get in shape should keep away from ibuprofen, new research suggests. Regularly taking the cheap painkillers can slow down any musc... read more

Six men aboard asylum seeker boat arrives in Australia

Half a dozen Chinese men have managed to sail ashore onto Australian soil rubbishing claims from the Turnbull Government that asylum boats have been stopped. Si... read more

Indian police officer hailed a hero after removing a bomb

A police officer in India has been hailed a hero after he picked up a 22lb bomb found in a school playground and sprinted down the road to protect the 400 child... read more

Police officer creates a home for retired dogs

Bai Yan, a police dog handler has set up a retirement home for his ‘comrades’  He says he wants to thank the canines for their service and dedicati... read more

Final post of teen feared dead in Houston floods

As the devastating Hurricane Harvey inundated parts of Houston with floodwaters on Sunday, a 16-year-old girl posted a desperate message online revealing her fe... read more

Cassini sends back poignant image of Saturn’s north pole

As NASA’s Cassini spacecraft nears its finals days, the space agency has shared a stunning new view of Saturn’s turbulent clouds, captured the day Cassini f... read more

Fake photos emerge after Hurricane Harvey wreaks havoc 

There has been an influx of dramatic photos since Hurricane Harvey started wreaking havoc on Houston and other parts of Texas at the weekend.  But as images of... read more

Cat outsmarts man as he tries to rescue it from a hole

Video footage shows the man lowering a wooden ladder into a hole to save a cat  But when he starts climbing down the cat climbs up the hole and escapes Stunned... read more

Brothel madam Shirley Finn killed Arthur Neddy Smith Perth

Notorious hitman Arthur ‘Neddy’ Smith was allegedly paid $5,000 to fly across the country and murder a brothel madam, according to explosive new all... read more

Driver pleads not guilty over human smuggling charges

The driver of a tractor-trailer packed with immigrants illegally entering the United States in an alleged human smuggling operation that resulted in the death o... read more

Queensland school allows Sikh parent to carry kirpan

Queensland school has allowed a father to carry a religious sword on its grounds Man was allowed to wear a kirpan, which must be worn by males of Sikh religion... read more

Baby surrounded by 30 LITRES of breast milk

This adorable picture shows a newborn baby surrounded by nearly 30 litres of frozen breast milk, arranged in a heart shape, pumped by her mother. Nia Malika, be... read more

Manchester man seen polishing pistol days before using it

A gun club member was photographed polishing an air pistol in his garden just days before he fired it at his neighbour in a dispute over her trespassing rabbit.... read more

Russia denies it is planning to invade European nations

Russia has insisted it is not planning a surprise invasion on Poland, Lithuania and the Ukraine after sending thousands of troops to Europe ahead of planned war... read more

Women are being driven to near suicide due to Essure 

Women are being driven to the point of suicide due to the crippling pain caused by the sterilisation device Essure. Manufactured by Bayer, Essure is a coil impl... read more

Moroccan ‘teen’ who admit to killing in Turku attack is 22

The ‘teenage’ Moroccan asylum seeker who has admitted to killing two people and wounding eight in what is believed to be Finland’s first ever ... read more