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Anna Wintour and her daughter Bee Shaffer play it VERY safe with their Met Gala gowns

The gowns and the celebrities may be the center of attention when it comes to the Met Gala, but, even if she isn’t making the boldest statement on the red... read more

60 Minutes demanded Tara Brown be involved in ‘critical moments’ of Lebanon kidnapping

Channel Nine demanded that 60 Minutes presenter Tara Brown should be involved at ‘critical moments’ in the planned kidnapping of two young children... read more

60 Minutes Lebanon kidnap fiasco slammed by wife of recovery agent still in jail

The wife of a former Australian soldier turned professional ‘child recovery’ agent has slammed Channel Nine for cutting a deal with Lebanese authori... read more

60 Minutes’ Tara Brown slams herself over Lebanon child abduction in video

60 Minutes reporter Tara Brown has been out of a Lebanese jail for just over a week following the widely publicised botched child recovery operation. But other ... read more

Macau beyond the casino includes ruined churches and echoes of colonial Portugal

Early morning in Macau’s Camoes Park, and Lisbon seems a long way away. This leafy space may be named after the Portuguese poet Luis de Camoes, but the gr... read more

Italy’s St Francis in his home city of Assisi in Umbria

Saints are meant to be, well, saintly. So when I heard about Saint Francis throwing himself into the rose bushes to quell his lustful urges I was pleasantly sur... read more

The Basque beauty of San Sebastian is a glorious setting for Summer holiday

Reaching the top of a twisting trail through the forests of Monte Urgull, I suddenly saw why the city below is sometimes compared with Rio de Janeiro. From the ... read more

Illuminating your life at the top of the world: On a search for the Northern Lights in the wilds of Iceland (puffin for dinner optional)

The scream is shrill and unexpected. It echoes across the almost empty restaurant, making the waiter jump. I drop a forkful of Arctic char into my lap. A young ... read more

60 Minutes’ Ali Elamine posts family photo in Beirut as Sally Faulkner returns to Australia

The father at the centre of the botched 60 Minutes abduction has uploaded a picture to social media of himself and two young children smiling as they enjoy lunc... read more

60 Minutes filmed child recovery mission with Liz Hayes

60 Minutes filmed another mother’s desperate attempt to ‘recover’ her child The story ‘was filmed in late 2014’ and involved a mis... read more

Tara Brown defends 60 Minutes involvement in botched child abduction in Lebanon

Tara Brown has defended 60 Minutes’ involvement in the botched kidnapping of Sally Faulkner’s two young children in Lebanon this month. In an interv... read more

60 Minutes child snatcher is a former ‘hard drug user with mental problems’ 

One of the accused kidnappers hired by 60 minutes for the botched abduction of two children in Lebanon is a self-confessed former hard-drug user with mental pro... read more

Barcelona confirm Neymar will not play at Copa America Centenario after Brazil agree to only field captain in Olympics in summer

Barcelona confirm Neymar will not play at Copa America Centenario after Brazil agree to only field captain in Olympics in summer By Ap Reporter Published: 23:42... read more

George Osborne MISSED his borrowing target for the last year by £1.8BILLION

George Osborne has been dealt a blow in his efforts to shore up the nation’s finances after official figures showed the Chancellor missed his borrowing ta... read more

George Osborne overshoots borrowing target with £74bn budget deficit for financial year

Under scrutiny: George Osborne has staked his reputation as Chancellor on deficit reduction. Public borrowing for the financial year to March has overshot the t... read more

Jennifer Lopez jets out of LAX after dazzling American Idol finale crowds

She commanded the stage with her show-stopping performance on American Idol on Thursday evening. And Jennifer Lopez’s number one fan – boyfriend Cas... read more

American Idol’s Jennifer Lopez turns up the heat with She Ain’t Your Mama performance

Jennifer Lopez brought her A game to the finale of American Idol treating the audience to a dazzling performance of her new single Ain’t Your Mama. The 46... read more

American Idol finale sees Jennifer Lopez steal the show in sparkling gown

She is literally the star of the show. So it seems only appropriate Jennifer Lopez shone the brightest as the big names turned out in force for the American Ido... read more

60 Minutes crew detained in Beirut paid a child recovery agency that ‘faked’ success stories

Channel 9 paid $120,000 to a child recovery agency whose operators were detained along with reporter Tara Brown and crew who were filming an operation in an int... read more

Iain Duncan Smith WEPT over a 19-year-old single mum during BBC documentary

This is the moment former work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith broke down and wept in a TV interview about why he was pursuing aggressive welfare refor... read more

Jennifer Lopez issues her highest praise to singer as American Idol narrows field

Jennifer Lopez gave her highest praise on Thursday’s episode of American Idol as she declared an outbreak of goose bumps. The 46-year-old singer was left ... read more

American Idol host Keith Urban leaves Australia after Easter Holiday with Nicole Kidman

He took a break from his judging duties on what will be the last ever series of American Idol to celebrate the Easter holidays with family back home in his nati... read more

Women to be hit six times harder than men by George Osborne’s tax and welfare changes

Women will be hit six times harder than men by George Osborne’s tax and welfare changes, analysis reveals 86% of savings will hit women, while just 14% wi... read more

Discover what makes Denmark a famously contented country

The Danes are the happiest people on Earth. That’s what the latest World Happiness Report is telling us. And who are we to argue? After all, Danish fashion is... read more