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Express Digest | News & Magazine - Part 21751
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Express Digest is a giant collection of the best News
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Boy catches angry 10ft snake with bare hands in Indonesia

Slithering python blocks the centre of a lane keeping fearful onlookers at bay But young child steps in and tries to tempt the 10ft snake away from the road Eve... read more

Brother and sister pen parody song about Pauline Hanson

A parody video calling on One Nation leader Pauline Hanson to leave politics has gone viral, amassing nearly 40,000 views already. Brother-and-sister duo Caleb ... read more

Barcelona attack suspects appear in court

The four men arrested over last week’s terror attacks in Spain have appeared in the country’s High Court in Madrid. Driss Oukabir, Mohammed Allaa, S... read more

Man dies at ‘medical incident’ at sex festival in Kent

By Mark Duell for MailOnline Published: 09:51 BST, 22 August 2017 | Updated: 10:05 BST, 22 August 2017 A man has been found dead and a woman was rushed to hospi... read more

Fertility warning over cleaning chemicals

Chemicals in common household products could be making us infertile, scientists say. Hand wipes, disinfectants and mouthwash all contain ‘quats’ – qua... read more

Kiss of death: Lioness wraps mouth around wildebeest

Wildebeest still upright, the lion can be seen hanging from the animal with its arms around its target’s neck After a short struggle, wildebeest is dragge... read more

Popular children are more likely to be anxious adults

It is the moral of Hollywood films from The Breakfast Club to Mean Girls. Now psychologists have agreed that it is better to have good friends when you are in s... read more

John Ibrahim’s former bodyguard hands himself into police

A former bodyguard of Kings Cross identity John Ibrahim, who this week appeared on a list of Australia’s most-wanted, has handed himself in to NSW police.... read more

Desperate mum shaves off two-year-old’s blonde curls

Desperate to stop her two-year-old daughter from compulsively pulling out her own hair, a mother has made the heartbreaking decision to shave off her ‘bea... read more

Bachelor’s Tara Pavlovic passionately embraces Matty J

Betting outlets appear to be pretty convinced that Laura Byrne wins this year’s season of The Bachelor. But steamy images that surfaced Tuesday, showing M... read more

Customers plunged into darkness in shopping mall blackout

Shoppers were plunged into darkness after power went out at Pacific Fair The brief outage lasted no more than 15 minutes, and was part of a bigger issue Spokesw... read more

‘I’m tired of eating humans’: Cannibal killer tio arrested

A trio of alleged cannibal killers have been arrested in South Africa after one of them handed himself over to police saying he had lost the taste for human fle... read more

QLD MP’s jibe as Prince Frederik refused from Brisbane bar

Queensland’s strict nanny state laws have been slammed following Denmark’s Crown Prince Frederik being refused entry to a Brisbane bar last Friday n... read more

Stashing trend & why you won’t meet other half’s family

‘Stashing’ describes how someone won’t let you meet people close to them This is despite person you’re dating meeting your friends and f... read more

MixerOfMeows Imgur thread of life’s most irritating things

We all have certain things that we find extremely annoying, however these photos are things perfectionists are bound to find universally irritating. Imgur user ... read more

Rogue Swansea underwear businessman jailed for £57k scam

Daniel King set up fake underwear firm to sell underpants imported from China Firm, ‘D-briefed’, was a front to swindle taxpayers by making fake VAT... read more

New Zealand police guinea pig Constable Elliott dies

New Zealand Police are mourning the loss of Guinea pig mascot Constable Elliot  Elliot tragically passed away on Sunday after a ‘short battle with illne... read more

ABC glitch sends Beverley O’Connor out on live TV

The host of ABC’s The World was on set while a packaged interview was showing Suddenly a glitch saw her sent out on live TV but she noticed after a few se... read more

Fiona Richardson quits politics after cancer diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis has forced long-serving Victorian MP Fiona Richardson to take time off and she says she’ll quit parliament at next year’s state e... read more

Drunk child, 3, found in a boat being towed down a highway

A three-year-old and a nine-year-old were found hiding in a boat being towed along a highway, both under the influence of alcohol, while their father was sat dr... read more

NSW police catch driver performing illegal U-turn

A dashcam video shows the moment when a NSW driver makes an illegal U-turn  The clip recorded in July was uploaded on Dash Cam Owners Australia FB page The 15-... read more

One Nation promises to roll back nanny state drinking laws

One Nation will roll back the Queensland government’s controversial ID scanning requirements for pubs and clubs if it holds the balance of power after the... read more

Susie Burrell reveals fastest ways to lose weight

While you might be aware that fad diets are not always the answer for those who want to keep off weight, there are some ways you can quickly shed kilos – ... read more

Man who loses 84 KILO shows off incredible new physique

A Sydney man who was left ‘trapped’ in sagging excess skin after a staggering weightloss transformation has opened up about the surgery that changed... read more