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Lionel Richie ‘has been signed as American Idol judge’

Lionel Richie has a new gig. After months of rumours, the All Night Long hitmaker has signed on to judge American Idol, according to a Friday report from TMZ. A... read more

Girl, eight, used her friend as a ladder to open pool gate

It’s a lesson every parent has heard time and time again – never take your eyes off your children. Luckily for one Gold Coast family, a keen eye spo... read more

Mom is BANNED from ‘breastfeeding publicly’ at a wedding

A wedding invitation banned a Texas mother-of-two from breastfeeding publicly at her husband’s best friend’s wedding, and she let the world know about it. C... read more

Texas teen arrested on suspicion of murdering brother

Jose Felinzo Carrion, 18, was booked into the Bexar County Jail on suspicion of murdering his brother Ethan, 16, A teenager from Texas has been arrested on susp... read more

A single genetic glitch explains how Zika is so dangerous

A single genetic change that occurred in 2013 may explain how Zika acquired the ability to attack fetal nerve cells, causing a severe birth defect in babies who... read more

AFL fan leaves family in Italy to watch Tigers grand final

A fanatical footy supporter has left his wife and two young children behind on a family holiday in Europe to watch his beloved Richmond Tigers play in the AFL g... read more

Military women given GROOMING lessons in shocking film

If a film these days told women to keep their fringes short and that they need to pluck their eyebrows, there would be outrage. But back in the Seventies, this ... read more

Yet another hoverboard exploding in a Missouri mall

Video shows a hoverboard smoking in  West Park Mall in Cape Girardeau A mall security officer stands dangerously close as the board explodes It bursts into fla... read more

Traditional gender roles encouraged by in kindergarten

Traditional gender roles are still prevalent in early kindergartens, according to shocking new research. Staff in early childhood education and care institution... read more

Managers cannot treat players like kids, says Conte

Sergio Aguero, like Tiemoue Bakayoko, was involved in a car crash   England cricketer Ben Stokes has been suspended after a late-night fight  Chelsea manager ... read more

SWAT team burst in to catch thieves raiding jewellery shop

Three thieves burst into the store in St Petersburg forcing a guard to the ground As they fill their bags a SWAT team bursts through the door and arrests them I... read more

GHI reveal the items you should never put down the sink

Throw food down at the sink at your peril, as it can easily lead to blocked pipes, expensive plumbing bills and even grotesque fatbergs in the sewers beneath yo... read more

Bec Judd leads celebrity pack of wishes for Megan Gale

She revealed she’d given birth to a healthy baby girl on Friday night.  And it didn’t take long for Megan Gale to be showered with well-wishes from... read more

Only 39 per cent of black people now think OJ didn’t do it

Only 39 per cent of black people now think O.J. Simpson was not guilty of murder in 1995, compared to the 69 per cent who thought so at the time  The vast decr... read more

Austria’s burqa ban comes into force this weekend

Britain  There is no law restricting the wearing of garments for religious reasons.  However in March 2007 the education ministry published directives allowin... read more

Experts create new full English based on UK’s diverse DNA

With one billion ‘full Englishes’ eaten each year in the UK, the breakfast is a much-loved national staple. But new research into English ancestry h... read more

Russian soldier shoots dead two fellow troops and officer

Deadly incident at military base in Belogorsk, Amur Region, east Russia Soldier shot and killed two fellow troops and an officer before fleeing He stole a mach... read more

Paedophile school aide sentenced to 100 years prison

Former Maryland school aide Deonte Carraway, 24, who confessed to sexually abusing children aged between nine and 13 has been sentenced to 100 years in prison. ... read more

Man avoids jail for screaming anti-Semitic abuse at Jews

A man who hurled anti-Semitic abuse at Jewish people on their way to synagogue has avoided a prison sentence. Glenn Okafor confronted members of the Jewish comm... read more

Sandwich generation struggles with living demands family

People caring for adult kids or elderly parents are deemed ‘sandwich generation’ Government policies forcing elderly people into independence more ... read more

Woman made son swallow battery found guilty of neglect

A woman has been found guilty of neglect after intentionally making kids sick  The mother took daughter to hospital more than 100 times in four years Auckland ... read more

Reclusive teen with giant facial tumours has no friends

A teenage girl revealed she hasn’t left her house in years because she is bullied over her giant facial tumours. Rubi Dulari, from India, has neurofibroma... read more

Moving photos of wheelchair-bound man in Mexico clean-up

Mexico’s earthquake left the nation reeling in devastation. The 7.1 magnitude quake killed at least 344 people, inflicted $2 billion of damage, and may ha... read more

Why you get ‘hangxiety’ after a night of drinking

A night of drinking can lead to a pounding headache the next morning, but you also might feel that twinge of regret and anxiety from decisions you made while do... read more