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Facial hair blocks up to 95% of harmful UV rays

Having a beard isn’t just fashionable, it could well be a life-saver. Facial hair, sported by Hollywood star George Clooney and footballing icon David Bec... read more

Chiloe in Chile where residents literally move houses

Packing up and moving into a new abode can be tedious to say the least.   Just ask the inhabitants of this Chilean land mass, where the concept of ‘movin... read more

Tess Holliday poses topless in sheer underwear

Tess Holliday has unapologetically reminded the world that ‘fat people have sex’ after proudly sharing a sultry photo of herself wearing nothing but... read more

‘Yes’ campaign responds to ‘NO’ gay marriage advertisement

The ‘Yes’ campaign has responded to an advertisement aired by opponents of same-sex marriage with a new video of their own. Featuring Dr Kerryn Phel... read more

Surgeons reattach woman’s arms after severed in France

It is the first time the surgery has been carried out on both arms at the same time The procedure took a team four hours in a hospital 35 miles from the station... read more

Christian girl forced to live with Muslim carers in London

This is the ‘distressed’ Christian five-year-old pictured with one of her  Muslim foster carers and was sent to them because there were no white fa... read more

Lancashire blind man accused of downloading child porn

Andrew Shaw, 44, is alleged to have downloaded 71 obscene images of children Mr Shaw, from Lancashire, has no sight in one and only partial sight in the other H... read more

Dean Mercer remembered after tragic death on Gold Coast

Friends and former rivals of ironman champion Dean Mercer have gathered to remember the 47-year-old father-of-four following his tragic and sudden death. An inf... read more

Hong Kong businessman David Tang dies at 63

Millionaire entrepreneur and socialite Sir David Tang, a friend of A-listers and royalty from Princess Diana to Kate Moss, has died at the age of 63. Leading fi... read more

Uniformed deputies are turned away from Florida bar

A row has broken out after a Florida bar turned away two uniformed deputies during the weekend’s fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. The du... read more

Japan deputy PM retracts remark about Hitler’s intentions

Japan’s deputy prime minister has retracted a comment made a day earlier that seemed to suggest that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler had good intentions. Taro As... read more

Houston residents ordered to evacuate by fake immigration

People are impersonating Homeland Security special agents and telling residents to evacuate in order to ransack their homes in a sinister twist to Tropical Stor... read more

Kendall Jenner to be named Fashion Icon of the Decade

It’s been an up-and-down year for Kendall Jenner, but things are certainly looking up. The 21-year-old model is slated to pick up the award of Fashion Ico... read more

Girlfriend set fire to partner’s home in Cardiff Bay

Kasey Lee Schembri, 20, set fire to her ex-boyfriend’s flat after he dumped her He had to break down the door when he returned to his Cardiff flat last ye... read more

YouTube unveils new app features, logo and desktop site

YouTube has unveiled a new logo, desktop site and app features as part of a big redesign. New app features include the ability to slow down and speed up content... read more

Two doctors filmed hurling abuse at each other in theatre

Dr Ashok Nainiwal and Dr Murari Lal Tak were caught arguing by a filming nurse As their patient is unconscious on a bed, they are seen yelling and gesticulatin... read more

Wife reveals last words of Houston cop, 60, who drowned

A veteran Houston police officer who died while trying to get to work told his wife, ‘I’ve got work to do’ when she begged him to stay home. S... read more

Bodybuilder Vanessa Calafiore born without hands and feet

A young woman born without hands and feet has proved even her disability won’t stop her from competing in a bodybuilding contest. Vanessa Calafiore, from... read more

Boy, 11, has surgery to remove 26 magnets from his penis

An 11-year-old boy endured a two-hour long surgery to remove 26 magnet balls from his penis after he inserted them.  The boy from eastern China suffered pain a... read more

Pittsburgh mother who delivered her own baby pictured

This incredible picture shows a woman who delivered her baby, born in his amniotic sac, eight weeks prematurely in the front seat of her own car. Raelin Scurry,... read more

Teachers share secrets they don’t want pupils to know

As the summer holidays come to an end, teachers preparing to get back into the classroom have revealed the secrets they really don’t want their pupils to ... read more

Woman has heart attack in Sydney beauty clinic

Emergency services responded to reports of a medical episode on Wednesday  The woman was taken to hospital where she remains in a critical condition   Police... read more

Oregon boy calls 911 to report mother for driving drunk

Nicole Norris was reported by her 11-year-old son at around 9pm on Saturday She was pulled over by deputies from Washington County Sheriff’s Office Her bl... read more

Proud parents share their children’s inventions

Much of what our children get up to remains a mystery, however, these well thought-out ideas may prove that you’ve underestimated your brood. In a series ... read more