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Man believes he is being haunted by a dead child

A man’s massive Twitter thread documenting how he is apparently being haunted by a dead child is going viral. Adam Ellis of New York recently caught the e... read more

How Alysha Frigo on This Time Next Year transformed

In March, 2016, Alysha Frigo, 35, had tipped the scales at 90 kilograms and was feeling unhealthy and increasingly unhappy with how she looked. The mother-of-on... read more

LinkedIn finds women don’t sell themselves as well as men

When was the last time you gave your LinkedIn profile some love?  If the answer is a while, now might be the time to update and refine it.  New research by th... read more

Baby boy ‘had drug ICE in his system when he died’ 

A baby boy allegedly murdered by his mother’s boyfriend had the drug ice in his system, a Melbourne court has been told. Emergency crews found infant Chay... read more

Adorable moment Clipper the wombat squirms free from bath 

While some of us revel in a soapy warm bath, others can’t think of anything worse.   This must have been the case for Clipper the adorable wombat. The cu... read more

Houston mom thanks cop who rescued her baby daughter

A Houston mom thanked the police officer who rescued her baby daughter after the two were separated while they were escaping rising floodwaters. Dajauh Zhane He... read more

Australia offers to send troops to the Philippines

Australia has offered to send troops to help train the military in the Philippines for its fight against Islamic extremists. The role would be similar to the he... read more

Study finds on-the-go breakfasts are packed with sugar

They may have ‘healthy’ on the label, but many on-the-go breakfast products aren’t as nutritious as they appear.  In fact, many of the brekki... read more

Husband of woman missing at sea arrested in coin theft

A man whose wife disappeared mysteriously at sea while the two were yachting in the Bahamas has been arrested in the theft of $100,000 worth of rare gold and si... read more

Vigilante father jailed for storming ‘drug dealer’ house

A violent criminal saw texts about buying drugs on his son’s phone – so he stormed the alleged dealer’s house and threatened his friend with a... read more

Justine Damond family may wait till next year for justice

The grieving family of Justine Damond may be forced to wait until next year to receive justice for her death. The 40-year-old Australian woman was shot dead in ... read more

Australian kids as young as 12 are working after school

Children as young as 12 are working outside of school hours, a new study reveals Kids are earning an average of $10 an hour as babysitters, cashiers or waiters ... read more

Critics slam ‘unethical’ clinical trial of herpes vaccine

Peter Thiel, the eccentric tech billionaire and supporter of President Donald Trump, is helping fund a controversial offshore test of an experimental herpes vac... read more

Titanic soundtrack bestselling classical album in 25 years

For aficionados of Mozart or lovers of Beethoven, this news is sure to create a certain sinking feeling. For those great composers have been beaten to the bests... read more

Did life begin because Earth was once a giant snowball?

Some 700 million years ago, our Blue Planet was white — imprisoned within thick ice and surrounded by an atmosphere of extreme toxicity. This was no ordinary ... read more

New way to kill cancer is better than chemotherapy

Scientists have new hope in the fight against cancer after finding a treatment which works better than chemotherapy. Powerful chemotherapy drugs are given to p... read more

Teenage girl sets fire to dog as friend films it

Shocking footage shows a teenage girl from North Carolina attempting to set fire to a dog. The teenage girl was filmed by her friend using an aerosol can and a ... read more

Taylor Swift’s revenge by pop video

Taylor Swift is the pop star who made it cool to be nice. She boasted of her baking skills and sent surprise gifts to her many fans — the fiercely loyal ‘Sw... read more

Footage reveals fish filmed at record depth of 8,178 m

A camera-rig operated by a team aboard the Japanese research vessel Kairei has captured the deepest footage yet of life in the Mariana Trench, revealing a look ... read more

Michigan driver slams into police car while driving drunk

Deputy was injured in crash in Washington Township, Michigan on Saturday He was responding to a call when a woman, 27, blew through an intersection The cars col... read more

Taylor Swift video smashes YouTube record with 35.5m views

She’s breaking records with her new single, Look What You Made Me Do. Taylor Swift’s track had racked up 35,519,224 views on YouTube by 3pm on Monda... read more

Comedian Kathy Griffin hits back over Donald Trump photo

Comedian Kathy Griffin has hit back at Sunrise host Sam Armytage over the infamous photo of her holding a decapitated head of U.S. President Donald Trump. Appea... read more

Wearing virtual reality headsets may help beat back pain

Looking at the skeleton suspended in front of me, I was shocked to see how crooked it was. The hips tilted over to the right side, the spine to the left and th... read more

Hospital to screen all newborns for genetic diseases

All babies born at one of Britain’s largest women’s hospitals could soon be tested for genetic diseases. A major project will screen the newborns fo... read more