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New York Daily News acquired for $0

Mort Zuckerman, pictured in June 2015, owned the New York Daily News from 1993 and 2017. The paper was acquired by newspaper publisher Tronc in a deal announced... read more

Wind drives wild fires to 103-year-old hotel

Raging wildfires are continuing to tear across the West as high winds drive the inferno towards a century-old hotel.  The Lake McDonald Lodge, a 103-year-old S... read more

Cheshire groom arranges a DIY funeral for his father

A groom-to-be had to build his father’s own coffin and hold a DIY funeral just days before his wedding after running out of money for a burial service. ... read more

Stressed and struggling to sleep? BEESWAX could help

An ingredient found in beeswax and wheat germ oil may reduce stress and induce a sound slumber, according to scientists.  The chemical – found in a variety ... read more

SpaceX to launch mystery US Air Force’s X-37B spaceplane

The US Air Force’s X-37B program is launching a robotic mini-shuttle from Elon Musk’s SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket for the first time.  The upcoming miss... read more

Radio host Alan Jones hits out at Adani over mine in TV ad

Radio host Alan Jones has fronted a television ad against a controversial mine The mine being built by Adani in Galilee Basin, Queensland will cost $16.5 billio... read more

Don’t swim while wearing contact lenses, study warns

Don’t swim while wearing contact lenses if you don’t want to contract a flesh-eating eye bug that could potentially leave you blind. Acanthamoeba ke... read more

Alexandra Burke thanks fans for support after mum’s death

She shared the heartbreaking news of her beloved mother’s death last week. And now former X Factor winner turned Strictly Come Dancing contestant Alexandr... read more

Cardiff heart surgeon wins settlement for unfair dismissal

A heart surgeon has won a six-figure payout from the health board that sacked him after claiming he was unfairly dismissed for being an NHS whistleblower. Consu... read more

Diver swelled to double his size after getting the bends

A fisherman who suffered a horrible case of the bends after surfacing from a dive too quickly has revealed his now-deformed body as doctors attempt to treat him... read more

Far-right group storms council meeting over Australia Day

Far-right protesters have stormed a Melbourne council meeting with a megaphone and flags to protest against their controversial cancellation of Australia Day ce... read more

Tourists flock to boulder that SUCKS you into water slide

Tourists are flocking to a Brazilian beauty spot where a boulder swallows you whole before spitting you out into a dark, secret cave.  The Pedra Que Engole ... read more

Thugs throw bottles and hurl bricks at Perth mother’s home

A mother was pelted with rocks, bricks and a bottle of Passion Pop as she sat outside her home with her daughter in a shocking attack. Becky Webb said she was s... read more

1300 unemployed dole recipients lose benefits

The Coalition government has cut unemployment benefits for 1300 young people who refused to participate in its internship program. Those long-term unemployed wh... read more

Stalker waged ‘guerrilla war’ against Robbie Williams

A stalker who waged a ‘guerrilla war’ against Robbie Williams after convincing himself he inspired the popstar’s iconic Millennium video was j... read more

Will Meghan Markle wear a fitted wedding gown?

He’s one half of the design duo behind Princess Diana’s iconic ’80s wedding gown. And now David Emanuel, 64, has had his say on the dress her ... read more

Huma Abedin broke down sobbing in front of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is taking aim at Anthony Weiner in her new memoir, detailing how the disgraced politician’s relationship with a minor female derailed her ... read more

National MPs to vote to BAN the Muslim burqa

The Nationals are set to vote on a motion to ban the Muslim burqa and niqab from any public place except for mosques. North Queensland MP George Christensen is ... read more

West Yorks doctor offered sex with patient asking for pill

Mohammed Ihsan, 35, allegedly put his crotch in the face of the unnamed woman and kissed her on the lips A family GP unzipped his trousers and offered to have s... read more

Sky high prices and rolling blackouts predicted for summer

Price hikes and widespread blackouts are predicted this summer unless urgent action is taken to fix the national electricity grid. Australia’s energy regu... read more

Hilarious picture gallery shows animals behaving badly

Training an animal can be an exhaustive process, even for the most patient of pet owners. And, as these creatures prove, there are some that just can’t be... read more

Hilarious moment man falls while dancing in the shower

This is the hilarious moment a man falls in the shower after dancing  The man can be seen dancing in his underwear with the shower curtain open  But after a f... read more

Company fired pregnant woman days before maternity leave

Australian Caroline Power was made redundant before maternity leave in 2015 Was employed with energy company BOC for two years before falling pregnant Court fo... read more

Man caught performing oral sex on his girlfriend on beach

Families on the Clearwater beach called the cops after they saw Jeffrey Kernan, 50, ‘performing oral sex on his girlfriend… in front of families and... read more