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Did Russia use the ‘Father of all Bombs’ on ISIS in Syria?

Russia has dropped the biggest non-nuclear bomb ever detonated on ISIS fighters near a Syrian city, according to unconfirmed reports.  The Aviation Thermobaric... read more

Learner driver, 26, charged over ‘road rage’ in Adelaide

A learner driver has been charged after a motorcyclist was allegedly run off the road during a shocking road rage attack. The incident occurred in Adelaide on S... read more

Woman dies after being hit by Ride London cyclist

The pedestrian, 67, suffered serious head injuries during the incident on July 30  Next of kin have been informed and a post-mortem examination will take place... read more

Home Depot shoppers fight over plywood as hurricane nears

Two men were involved in a physical altercation over plywood at a Home Depot store in North Miami on Tuesday. The fight erupted as panicked Floridians formed lo... read more

Sex offender under investigation for wild parties

A convicted child sex offender is under investigation after it was alleged he was hosting wild parties at a $2000-a-night holiday mansion. Corey John Ahlburg, 4... read more

Terri Dwyer shares image of sun-damaged face

Skin cancer survivor Terri Dwyer has shared a shocking image of the damage UV rays have done to her face as she reveals she is going through another health scar... read more

Chris Hoy and wife Sarra announce birth of daughter

Six-time gold medal winner Chris Hoy announces birth of baby Chloe Rose Carol He said the new arrival and his wife Sarra are ‘doing really well’ Cou... read more

Tomb of Pharoah’s goldsmith discovered in Luxor

Egypt has announced the discovery in the southern city of Luxor of a pharaonic tomb belonging to a royal goldsmith who lived more than 3,500 years ago during th... read more

Mia Tindall amuses herself with game of chase

Mischevious Mia Tindall kept herself busy with a game of chase while her mother Zara competed in the Whatley Manor horse trials. The adorable three-year-old, wh... read more

For Miami’s homeless, a choice: Take shelter or be held

On what is likely the last clear day in Florida before Hurricane Irma’s monster wind and rain, social workers and police officers are giving Miami’s... read more

Hurricane Irma moves west as it approaches Florida

Miami was thrown a lifeline on Saturday as Hurricane Irma’s path veered west, narrowly avoiding a direct hit from the storm.  Irma is expected to make la... read more

Josh Gad hails Kristen Bell for saving family from Irma

The actor who voiced Olaf the snowman has praised his Frozen co-star Kristen Bell after she helped his family flee from Hurricane Irma. Josh Gad, 36, sang Bell&... read more

New York City hospital mistakenly sent man’s HIV diagnosis

Unidentified man is suing Mount Sinai St Luke’s Hospital in Manhattan, New York He is seeking damages stemming from the hospital’s mistake of sendin... read more

Teenage Manchester bomb survivor returns to arena

A teenage victim of the Manchester Arena bombing described returning to the newly rebuilt venue as one of the hardest days of her life.  Brave Millie Robson wa... read more

Grieving Alexandra Burke shares advice late mum gave her

She is determined to excel when it comes to her upcoming stint on Strictly Come Dancing.  And in order to do so, Alexandra Burke has revealed she ‘cancel... read more

Malcolm Turnbull attacked online for controversial upload

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has faced backlash online after sharing a photo of himself kissing his granddaughter, Alice, while holding a beer during Saturda... read more

Man speaks of devastation on British Virgin Islands

A man who holed up in his house on the British Virgin Islands as Hurricane Irma raged outside has spoken of his terrifying experience – and said the Carib... read more

British parents saved their young children during Irma

A mother has spoken of how she and her family survived Hurricane Irma by getting adults to lie on top of young children to protect them. Sasha Joyce said her, ... read more

Queensland officer leaked woman’s address to abusive ex

A woman was forced into hiding after a police officer allegedly leaked her address to the man accused of raping and torturing her. The Queensland mother is now ... read more

Iconic color photos revealed of the Civil Rights Movement

A stunning series of photographs of key players and iconic moments from the American Civil Rights movement have been expertly colorized to commemorate the 60th ... read more

Police find vehicle belonging to missing school teacher

The vehicle belonging to a pregnant Maryland high school teacher who was reported missing after she failed to turn up to the first day of class was found by pol... read more

Rugby league star convinces NRL to back same-sex marriage

Former rugby league hardman Ian Roberts has inspired the NRL to publicly announce their support for legalising same-sex marriage. Roberts became the first openl... read more

Brockley Hall food poisoning claim women had drunken orgy

A group of women who accused a hotel of giving them food poisoning had taken part in a booze-fuelled orgy with sex toys and candlesticks during a 40th birthday ... read more

Candyman Travers Beynon crashes out of GT Trophy at 200km

Travers ‘Candyman’ Beynon crashed out of the Shannons Australian GT Trophy Series on Saturday. The tobacco tycoon was reportedly driving at around 2... read more