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Macau beyond the casino includes ruined churches and echoes of colonial Portugal

Early morning in Macau’s Camoes Park, and Lisbon seems a long way away. This leafy space may be named after the Portuguese poet Luis de Camoes, but the gr... read more

Italy’s St Francis in his home city of Assisi in Umbria

Saints are meant to be, well, saintly. So when I heard about Saint Francis throwing himself into the rose bushes to quell his lustful urges I was pleasantly sur... read more

The Basque beauty of San Sebastian is a glorious setting for Summer holiday

Reaching the top of a twisting trail through the forests of Monte Urgull, I suddenly saw why the city below is sometimes compared with Rio de Janeiro. From the ... read more

Illuminating your life at the top of the world: On a search for the Northern Lights in the wilds of Iceland (puffin for dinner optional)

The scream is shrill and unexpected. It echoes across the almost empty restaurant, making the waiter jump. I drop a forkful of Arctic char into my lap. A young ... read more

Discover what makes Denmark a famously contented country

The Danes are the happiest people on Earth. That’s what the latest World Happiness Report is telling us. And who are we to argue? After all, Danish fashion is... read more

Run past Portugal’s São Jorge Castle on this new tour launched in Lisbon

Lisbon on the run: Dashing past São Jorge Castle and the Elevador de Santa Justa on an energetic new tour of Portugal’s capital A Lisbon hotel is now off... read more

Why the Italian city of Verona is the perfect place for a family getaway

‘This ice cream is amazing,’ says Stan, smiling from ear to ear, half his gelato smeared across his face in a broad sweep of strawberry and vanilla. I c... read more

The Bedford Swan is the town’s ‘premier hotel’ or so the website says

An Inspector Calls: The Bedford Swan is the town’s ‘premier hotel’ – or so the website declares. This is not great news for Bedford The ... read more

Gems Of The Seine cruise is magnifique

My heart sinks when offered ‘unsurpassed service’. And nothing makes me more wary, and weary, than a glossy brochure pledging that ‘expectations will be e... read more

The Nadler Victoria is leading the way for budget hotels

An Inspector Calls: Located on the doorstep of Buckingham Palace, The Nadler Victoria is leading the way for London budget hotels The 73-room Nadler Victoria is... read more

The National Space Centre, Leicester is the perfect grand day out

By Mark Hughes-morgan Updated: 12:44 BST, 4 December 2009 The National Space Centre in Leicester boasts everything to do with space from a 3D simulator ride to ... read more