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Brexiteer fury amid claims May will offer Brussels £30bn

Theresa May (pictured arriving in Canada today) is gearing up to offer the EU a ‘divorce payment’ worth up to £30bn in a bid to break the deadlock on a po... read more

Paragliders fish from 500 feet above the Black Sea

Two paragliders try out a new fishing technique 500 feet above the Black Sea Video shows the men floating in the air casting their rods into the water below The... read more

Crust change billions of years ago led to modern life

Scientists have long wondered how Earth’s atmosphere filled with oxygen, and a new study claims to have finally cracked the mystery. Researchers have foun... read more

Alien lightning storm frightens LA residents

LA residents witnessed what appeared to be an extraterrestrial lighting storm Locals in Granada Hills were stunned by the mysterious flashing lights Recorder Ke... read more

A LOW-CARB diet is better for your heart over LOW-FAT

Low-carb diet reduces fat deposits around heart and waist circumference Both of these measures are known risk factors for cardiovascular disease Reducing carbs ... read more

University Challenge contestant accused of rape

Bartolomeo Joly de Lotbiniere, 21, pictured arrive at Bradford Crown Court today, is charged with raping the student when she was 19 A student who appeared on U... read more

Six ‘dreamers’ sue Trump administration over ending DACA

San Diego attorney Dulce Garcia has regularly defended clients in immigration court. Now, she is the one seeking legal relief. Brought to the United States ille... read more

Rate of older Americans who are ‘healthy’ is increasing

Jane Fonda, 79, stunned audiences at the Emmys last night, looking nowhere near her age. Fonda’s appearance called into question the way Americans have tr... read more

Yolanda Hadid says her Lyme disease was misdiagnosed as ME

Yolanda Hadid has revealed she was originally told by doctors that her Lyme disease was myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sta... read more

How to make your loaf of bread last longer

Good Housekeeping Institute experts reveal tips for keeping bread for longer Bakery loaves should be kept in brown paper bags as paper absorbs moisture Never ke... read more

Neighbours of Parsons Green bomber allowed back in homes

Some residents living near a house raided over the Parsons Green tube bombing have still not returned to their homes – although locals are now being perm... read more

Australian businessman Roger Corbett opposes gay marriage

Millionaire businessman Roger Corbett has opposed same-sex marriage He appeared on ABC’s 7.30 program with Leigh Sales on Monday night  The managing dire... read more

Man charged with his mother’s murder was ‘drinking at 9am’

The troubled 25-year-old son of Lanell Latta, who was stabbed to death in Sydney’s Northern Beaches on Monday, has been charged with her murder. It is the... read more

California woman fakes a seizure during mugging

A quick-thinking California woman foiled would-be robbers by faking a seizure in a move she learned from the TV show Law and Order. Julie Dragland, 32, of Oakla... read more

Scientists emerge from eight month Mars simulation

Six scientists have emerged from a dome on a remote Hawaiian volcano after eight months in isolation, as part of NASA-backed research to simulate the Martian en... read more

Pirate Bay hijacking web browsers to mine cryptocurrency

If you use The Pirate Bay to download free films and TV programmes, you may have had your computer taken over unknowingly by the site. This weekend, The Pirate ... read more

Six people hospitalized in bee attack near a grocery store

Three women and three firefighters were hospitalized Saturday after bee attack   Authorities said two women were completely covered in bees outside the store ... read more

‘Very slim’ mother is blasted over ‘smug’ lunch post

A 8st mother was mocked by other women after she shared an unsolicited photo of the chicken salad she had for lunch – and offered unwanted advice on how t... read more

Hilarious pictures show people having bad hair day

Most of us have had a bad hair day once in a while – but perhaps none quite as awful as the ones experienced by these poor people. A hilarious online gall... read more

Two new Banksy murals appear near the Barbican

Murals appeared in tunnel near exhibition of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s iconic work One is a ferris wheel, other is tribute to Basquiat’s Boy and Dog i... read more

Daisy Lowe and Jenna Coleman lead the stars at LFW’s Erdem

They’re three British beauties who relish the bi-annual event which lets them indulge in all things fashion. And Daisy Lowe, Jenna Coleman and Alexa Chung... read more

Video shows ‘Bucket Bomber’ struggling with heavy Lidl bag

The bucket bombing suspect’s 90-minute journey before he blew up a Tube train can be revealed today. Police have been able to trace the terror suspectR... read more

CCTV of London ‘Bucket Bomber’ struggling with Lidl bag

Walking along the street carrying a Lidl shopping bag, this may be the Parsons Green tube bomber filmed on his way to carry out the planned atrocity. New CCTV f... read more

Obama makes $1.2 million for three Wall Street speeches

Barack Obama is officially cashing in, lining up speeches to Wall Street bankers for $400,000 a pop. Bloomberg reported Monday that the former president spoke i... read more