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Shropshire breastfeeding mum was turned away from a bus

Katherine Guest, 22, pictured, was forced to run while clutching tiny Zachariah Forster, pictured front, to make it to a doctor’s appointment on time A br... read more

Blind woman ‘sees’ again after developing rare condition

Melina Canning (left) suffered irreparable damage to her primary visual cortex when her daughter Stephanie (right) was just two A mother who was rendered blind ... read more

Carman’s Carolyn Creswell muesli empire

Carolyn Creswell (pictured) is the founder of the multi-million dollar muesli empire She was working at a bakery trying to make ends meet when she found out her... read more

‘Leaked’ photos appear to show new Apple TV

The long-anticipated Apple TV could soon be hitting the shelves after images purporting to show the device were ‘leaked’ online.   Blurry pictures... read more

Eight Sussex care homes raided as police probe 12 deaths

Police raided eight nursing homes and seized hundreds of pieces of evidence after tip-offs from social services. Officers are investigating the deaths of 12 peo... read more

Bristol woman has allergic reaction to eyebrow treatment

A grandmother was left in hospital after her face swelled up dramatically following an eyebrow wax and tint at a beauty salon. Jane Jeakings, 53, from Bristol, ... read more

Australians among 500 at Flamefest ‘kinky sex festival’

Australians are among 500 revellers flocking to an outdoor ‘kinky sex festival’ in remote woodland in the English countryside. Festival-goers to Fla... read more

Melbourne sex pest hunted by police after grabbing woman

Police are hunting a man who is believed to have sexually assaulted a woman Man put his hands on the woman mand moved them toward her chest, cops say She then t... read more

Essex fire: 100 firefighters battle overnight blaze

Around 100 firefighters battled to bring a huge overnight fire under control as it tore through a packaging and distribution warehouse in Essex. The building in... read more

Australian woman tells story of drugs, guns, rape and HIV

An Australian woman has arrived home after spending eight years in a Peruvian prison in a heartbreaking story of drugs, rape, disease and death. Bronwyn Atherto... read more

Danish man films reaction to dropping phone in Dubai club

David Risager, who lives in Dubai, posted the funny clip of himself on Twitter It shows him battling through a sea of legs in order to retrieve his phone  Vide... read more

Whisper brides-to-be who lost their engagement rings

Anonymous brides-to-be have shared reactions to losing their engagement rings Whilst some bravely told their fiancés upfront others tried to hide the loss One ... read more

One third of British Jews have considered quitting the UK

A surge in anti-Semitic hate crimes in Britain has made one third of the Jewish population want to flee.  Research commissioned by the Campaign Against Anti-Se... read more

Owners share hilarious photos of their oversized dogs

As man’s best friends, dogs rarely leave their owners’ sides, however, these hounds in particular seem to struggle with concept of personal space. A... read more

Spain’s royals lead dignitaries at Mass for terror victims

Spain’s king and queen and its prime minister have attended a solemn Mass at Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia basilica for the victims of the terror atta... read more

Police shoot man dead in France in shocking video

Chilling video of a driver being shot dead by police after he refused to get out of his car has emerged in France. The film shows officers pointing guns at the ... read more

Disgraceful fan gestures and SPITS at rugby league referee

A fan has been caught on camera rudely gesturing and spitting at a rugby league referee in a disgusting act of disrespect. NRL official Ashley Klein was leaving... read more

Townsville driver crashes into a power pole doing burnout

Driver crashed into a power pole while doing a burnout in a Townsville street When a witness ran over to see if he was hurt, he punched and bit him He also atta... read more

Australian cycling Gary West died motor neurone disease

Australian cycling rider and coach Gary West has died in Adelaide on Sunday Mr West died aged 57 after a year-long battle with motor neurone disease He was resp... read more

Mother blasted for seven-year-old daughter’s raunchy dance

Beau Bailey’s mother said she doesn’t see ‘what the big deal is’ after parents criticised her for sexualising her daughter (pictured) A ... read more

Pictured: The soldier who gunned down jihadis in Cambrils

The hero police officer who shot dead four terrorists as they attacked pedestrians with an axe and knives in Cambrils, Spain, is a former soldier, it emerged o... read more

Sydney father documents life after cancer diagnosis

A Sydney father’s routine doctor’s visit turned his life upside down after a minor check-up led to him being diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer.... read more

Tracie Medley reveals last words to Rebecca Coriam on ship

Rebecca Coriam, pictured, was said to have been in a distressed state following a threesome gone wrong. She vanished in March 2011 A Disney cruise ship worker h... read more

Princess Diana confides in George Michael about divorce

Princess Diana was heard opening up about her ‘grim’ marr­iage split in a secret recording of a call with George Michael. She told him the Royal Fa... read more