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IT lecturer forced to apologise to Chinese students

Chinese students outraged over a world map showing territory claimed by China as part of India have forced the IT lecturer who used it to apologise. Khimji Vagh... read more

Cocaine Cassie accused of stealing $3000 from tennis club

Cassie Sainsbury (pictured) has been accused of skimming more than $3000 from a small regional tennis club in 2015 Cassie Sainsbury has been accused of stealing... read more

WA cyclist not wearing helmet collided with garbage truck 

A cyclist has serious head injuries after colliding into a garbage truck in Perth  The male was reportedly not wearing a helmet and was rushed to hospital  Tr... read more

Victoria’s Secret model Bridget Malcolm’s eating habits

Between pre-show liquid diets and regimes filled with lean protein and buckwheat shakes, Victoria’s Secret models are famous for their strict eating habit... read more

Trump on Afghanistan: No nation-building, no timetable

President Donald Trump announced a new Afghanistan strategy Monday that relies on features of the current one: Maintaining a lethal force of U.S. troops to bat... read more

Rare white koala joey looking for a name

A rare white koala joey born at Bindi Irwin’s Australia Zoo needs a name, and the public is being asked to help. The unbearably cute marsupial’s unu... read more

Waterfront mansion property set to sell for $6 million

A waterfront mansion in an exclusive suburb is expected to sell for a whopping $6 million – even though the new owners are expected to demolish it. The seasid... read more

Stan Grant calls for Captain Cook statue to be changed

Indigenous broadcaster Stan Grant has called on Australia to follow the example set by the United States and consider altering statues that leave a ‘legac... read more

Sydney terror: Lebanese officials knew about ‘bomb plot’

The men accused of trying to blow up an Etihad flight out of Sydney were reportedly monitored by Lebanese authorities for over a year before their dramatic arre... read more

Two more Labour MPs quit their roles at Bath University

Two Labour MPs have resigned from their positions at Bath University over the ‘excessive’ salary of its vice-chancellor, who is the highest paid in the coun... read more

Chesterfield Bowling Club won’t allow female members

For more than 700 years, men have gathered together to play bowls on its ancient green. But now what is claimed to be the world’s oldest bowling club has been... read more

Joe Tomlin proposes to his girlfriend flash mob in London

A 23-year-old Australian man planned an elaborate proposal for his girlfriend  Joe Tomlin, from Western Australia, surprised Monica Bagley on their Europe trip... read more

Daredevil grandfather swam in crocodile-infested waters

The man, who is in his 70s, hopped into water near a baited crocodile trap  He asked his wife to snap a picture to send their grandkids to impress them But he ... read more

Families could get money off their shopping bills

Families could benefit from a range of rewards if they meet exercise targets under radical new NHS proposals. Money off weekly food shops, free bikes and outdoo... read more

Air New Zealand introduces robots for passengers check in

Checking in for a flight is about to get even easier with mouth-less robots being introduced to Sydney airport.  Chip the CANdroid robot was introduced to the ... read more

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn nude selfies ‘leaked to site’

Tiger Woods has reportedly set his lawyers on a porn site that posted explicit nude photos of him and Lindsey Vonn. The site – which has cho... read more

Bake Off’s Prue Leith risks wrath of Channel 4 bosses

Her name may be Prudence, but Bake Off’s new judge seems keen to do her best not to live up to it. For Prue Leith risked the wrath of Channel 4 bosses yesterd... read more

Bank of England printing money is ‘like a heroin fix’

The Bank of England’s money-printing programme is like economic ‘heroin’ and must end, according to a former Treasury official who helped draw up the poli... read more

Coarsening of Britain | Daily Mail Online

Spanning more than 100 acres and home to rare species of plants, fungi, birds and animals, Brokes Wood is one of rural Kent’s hidden gems. The forest outside ... read more

Is ‘miracle’ cancer therapy all it’s cracked up to be?

Nigel Lewis-Baker is a busy man: he runs a charity, spends time with wife Janet, 71, and their eight grand- children and has a thriving social life. What makes ... read more

INVOcell mini-incubator may transform IVF treatment

A tiny incubator which nurtures developing embryos inside a woman’s body may prove an alternative to traditional IVF. The INVOcell mini-incubator, which is th... read more

Edinburgh Fringe’s ten funniest jokes are revealed

Ken Cheng wins the prize for the best joke at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festival It was: ‘I’m not a fan of the new pound coin, but then again, I hate al... read more

Norfolk man wins prize at fancy dress as Rolf Harris

A prankster sparked outrage after winning a prize at a fancy dress competition as paedophile Rolf Harris – while holding a sign which read: ‘I touch... read more

Royal mail release stamps to commemorate toys

The stamps will feature nostalgic nods to a golden age of toymaking The Merrythought bear, Spirograph and Stickle Bricks all feature in the set They are availab... read more