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Parents are failing to put babies to sleep on their backs

Fewer than half of US infants always sleep on their backs, the position doctors recommend to avoid sleep-related injuries and deaths, a study suggests. Research... read more

Man uses eggs to ‘fix racism’ in viral tweet

A Twitter user has gone viral with a clever metaphor about racism using just a pair of eggs and a frying pan. User @j0eymccullough took to the social media webs... read more

Georgia woman suing after ‘fired for two period leaks’

A Georgia mother, who worked as a 911 call taker, is suing her former employer for allegedly firing her over two period leaks while she was going through pre-me... read more

Dr Martin Scurr: Will my cooker stop a pacemaker working?

My wife is due to have a pacemaker fitted. But we’ve heard there’s a risk to it when using an induction cooker, and that she’ll have to stand 24 in from t... read more

Me And My Operation: Back implant that banishes pain

A new implant for patients with severe back pain can replace damaged bones in the spine and, unlike traditional surgery, doesn’t restrict movement. Mother-of-... read more

KKK leader threatens to ‘burn’ Univision journalist

A Klu Klux Klan leader threatened to ‘burn’ a Univision journalist during an interview, before revealing she was the first black person on his prope... read more

Boy, four, died in a house fire after lamp fell in Wales

A four-year-old boy died in a house fire that started after a floor lamp in his bedroom set a pile of clothes alight.   An inquest heard of the dramatic and b... read more

Austrian brothel buys a second sex doll due to high demand

An Austrian brothel has bought a second sex doll after its first became more popular with customers than real women.   The unusual story of ‘Fanny’... read more

Philadelphia boy’s little league championship catch

This is not your average little league catch.  A stunning video captures the moment Jack Regenye, 14, flips over a fence at the edge of center field to catch a... read more

High-tech mat that detects foot ulcers before they develop

A high-tech bath mat takes just 20 seconds to spot dangerous foot ulcers weeks before they start to show. The device has temperature sensors that detect ‘hot ... read more

Coaches did not stop Baylor football’s ‘rape culture’

Baylor University football players took part in gang rape attacks because they thought that if ‘you were one person’s woman, you were everybody̵... read more

Sons of US defector to North Korea confirm his death

The only US soldier known still to be living in North Korea after defecting more than five decades ago died last year pledging loyalty to the ‘great leade... read more

Cops investigate fatal shooting of New York boy

A nine-year-old boy was accidentally shot and killed by his older sibling at a home in upstate New York, a witness said.  Syracuse police responded to the hom... read more

Judge denies witness chance to view eclipse

A federal judge in Florida has refused to delay a case because one of the key witnesses – a federal agent – had travel plans to see the solar eclips... read more

‘Drunk’ California mother ‘killed friend in ATV crash’

Carlee D’Arata, 28, faces manslaughter charges for allegedly driving an ATV while intoxicated and crashing the vehicle, which killed her best friend in Ap... read more

Paul Ryan: Leaders must push beyond ‘passions of moment’

The nation’s leaders ‘have an obligation’ to steer the country past ‘the passions of the moment,’ House Speaker Paul Ryan said Mon... read more

Good credit is the sexiest trait among online daters

A recent study conducted by Discover Financial Services and Match Media Group found that online daters view a good credit score as the sexiest trait in a potent... read more

Teen sexually assaulted by men on train from Cornwall

Teenager was travelling home from Boardmasters music festival on August 12 As she got on the train she was approached by a man in a novelty shark hat He sat nex... read more

1954 Jaguar restored to original glory

A long-lost 1954 Jaguar branded one of the rarest in existence has been restored to its original glory after a painstaking process, taking almost 8,000 hours. ... read more

Co-op Bank ‘must change its name’ after £700m rescue deal

 Labour MP John Mann says it  is no longer a worker-owned co-operative He believes it would now be’ misleading to call it a co-op’ after the rescu... read more

Florida startup reveals drone with a built in machine gun

A Florida based startup has developed a done that can carry and fire military weapons, including rifles and grenade launchers.   The TIKAD drone, which was te... read more

Einstein’s letter warning of rise of Hitler is up for sale

A letter written by Albert Einstein in 1938 criticising then British prime minister Neville Chamberlain for his policy of appeasement towards Nazi Germany has b... read more

Heartbroken father releases CCTV of son’s death

A heartbroken father has released the harrowing footage of his son’s murder in a bid to get knives off Britain’s streets. Lauric Lebato, 22, was sta... read more

Luke Hemmings accused of using escorts and cocaine by ex

Luke Hemmings, the singer for boy band heartthrobs Five Seconds Of Summer, has been accused by his ex of cheating, using escorts and abusing cocaine.  The 21-y... read more