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The history of casino in India

Ancient India was one of the main cradlelands of gambling along with China and Rome. This article will tell you the origins of the casino in India and how it ha... read more

Man versus Machine – who wins the race?

Needless to mention that man has invented machines but when compared in terms of efficiency and intelligence, latter puts a question mark always. In fact, machi... read more

Benefits of Online Gambling

Since the ancient days gambling is in demand. In the olden days, people were using traditional land based casino while now they changed their preference to a di... read more

How to create comics the Stan Lee way

Are you an aspiring comic writer or artist? Wondering if you have what it takes to tread on the trails created by the likes of Stan Lee and Jason Aaron? Do you ... read more

Bet live stream on the 1xBet website

Every day a large number of sporting events are held all around the world, and in order to have time to bet on the desired game, it is worth registering on the ... read more

Find out about the different varieties of horses for thoroughbred racing

One of the most favorite modes of horse racing throughout the world is thoroughbred racing. Often it will be referred to as the sport of the kings because it ha... read more

Electronic Dart Board Vs. Bristle Dartboard – Which is Best for Your Game Room

Nothing beats a good game of darts in relaxation after a long day of work or school. Darts as an indoor game has proven to serve a number of purposes among them... read more

Get Familiar with Casino Bonuses and Play Smart

The wireless Internet, smartphones, cryptocurrencies, and other technologies have contributed to the increasing popularity of online gambling worldwide. More an... read more

The Pittsburgh Sports Betting Scene Joined By Parx Casino (+ F2P Games)

4th Casino To Enter The Sports Betting Business In Philadelphia. Parx Casino joined the Pittsburgh sports betting ranks and became the 4th sportsbook to open in... read more

Get 100% New Gaming Experience in Calgary Escape Rooms

Today, more and more people are seeking for new emotions and unforgettable impressions. Calgary escape room is the best place for getting a new gaming experienc... read more

Reliable sports betting web site 1xBet

Many bookmakers offer high rates and fast money withdrawals. However in reality this is not always true. Choose the sports betting web site 1xBet to be 100% con... read more

How to Design You Racing Car with Cooling System

If you are thinking to design your racecar, you will have to purchase the parts and accessories yourself. Buying racing car accessories can be both fun and daun... read more

5 Types of Parties You Can Do At Home

Having your own apartment means freedom – you have the place all to yourself. No one in the neighbourhood can tell you what to do because it is yours after al... read more

How to Host an Outdoor Party

Are you looking to invite your friends for an outdoor party? Is this your first time doing it? If so, do you already have any idea on how to get the job done? I... read more

The Best Horse Racing App Games You Can Download Right Now

Today’s generation entails the most comfortable and most efficient way of communicating because of technology. The invention of mobile phones has also made th... read more

How to Pass Time Commuting With Great Spades Mobile Games

For me as a gamer, I prefer games that require logic, strategy and that I can immerse myself in for hours. Unfortunately, I’m a busy person and I often commut... read more

Dermatologist Dr Natasha Cook shares 5 spots to avoid touching to minimise your risk of scarring

It’s the night before the party and your face decides to erupt in spots. The temptation is to squeeze, pick and pop so the swelling subsides and your comp... read more

HORSE Poker – Rules and Strategies

Poker is without a doubt one of the more popular casino games. If this isn’t your thing though, a lot of people will opt instead for Blackjack. This is a ... read more

How Should a Woman Fight Her Loneliness?

How to deal with loneliness as a female? It seems that such a question is unnatural to the female nature, but, nevertheless, it is a fact that a woman could cho... read more

ATP Upcoming Events

Since January 1st, tennis fans are watching the elite championships, which ends in November. Over the past months, fans enjoyed a lot of bright and memorable ma... read more

Lord Of The Rings: Amazon’s series ‘will focus on a young Aragorn’

It’s set to become the most expensive series of all time – with an expected budget of $1 billion. And while little is known about Amazon’s Lor... read more

Charlotte Crosby’s solo sex scene: Geordie Shore axed star’s saucy moment

Charlotte Crosby’s solo sex scene axed: Geordie Shore cut star’s saucy moment as it was deemed too graphic for the debaucherous show By Julia Pritch... read more

10 effective steps to your successful career change

How to ensure your successful career change If you’re thinking about a possible career change, take 10 effective steps that will guarantee your successful swi... read more

Why People Love to Travel

You probably wondered why so many people nowadays decide to travel. Well, there are many reasons for that. All of them point out the fact that traveling is good... read more